When I see busy, switched-on women who are tired of being tired, tired of overwhelm and tired of fighting fatigue it makes me sad.  Why?  Because I KNOW that we can get back our energy, vitality and true health!

As a health educator, writer, nutritional chef & coach, a certified GAPS (Digestive Healing) practitioner and a partner, a mum and a grand-mum), believe me, I know 'busy'.

When I reclaimed my energy, vitality and health from a debilitating autoimmune disorder by making delicious (and important) food and simple (but important) lifestyle changes, I turned back the clock on chronic illness, fatigue, weight gain and low/no motivation I vowed to make the rest of my life the BEST of my life and to help other busy, switched-on women do the same.

Women like you...

Let's get our 'FEMMERGY' back!

femmergyWhy women?  Well it's not because the guys aren't struggling too.  No, quite simply... we women hold the family and indeed the whole world in the palm of our hand. Our archetypal roles of 'Queen', 'Mother', 'Wise Woman' and 'Lover' call on us to be deeply intuitive and intensely concerned with our young, our mate and our ‘pack’.  And boy, aren't we?!

But it’s a heavy responsibility: Overwhelm, fatigue and the feeling we need to do more, be more and care more hounds and depletes us daily. Doesn't it?

Our health and our happiness is suffering – and so is our ability to hold it together.  You know?

By making (delicious) no-fad food and (simple) lifestyle changes we CAN restore our 'Femmergy' and absolutely make the rest of our lives, the BEST of our lives!

Here’s what you'll find 'chez moi':

  • FREE UNIQUE & CURATED CONTENT, recipes, videos, podcasts and other good stuff from around the web on food, health and lifestyle, to inform, educate and inspire you.
  • BOOKS & ONLINE COURSES, featuring: Time-honoured, traditional foods and recipes - essential for restoring your energy, vitality and health. ‘Forgotten’ cooking skills and guidance on where to shop, how to cook and what eat for energy, vitality and health. How to create healthy habits at work, rest and play to build a strong metabolism. Hundreds of tips for sleep, stress, movement, environment, food and social connection to reclaim your FEMMERGY!
  • INSPIRATIONAL COACHING SUPPORT to make food, health and lifestyle changes that make the rest of your life, the best of your life!