‘Hygge’ Your Gut Critters with Winter Foods


Winter foods are hygge to you and your Gut Critters! When we adjust our diet and lifestyle to match the demands of those colder, darker winter months, not only do we feel better, but our health-promoting digestive microbes change dramatically too, manufacturing enzymes that support our winter needs for energy, digestion, immune system support, sleep,…

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Healthy Chicken: 10 Tips on Sourcing, Jointing & Cooking

healthy chicken

Despite ‘official’ rhetoric to the contrary, the prospect of chlorinated chickens appearing on UK tables is by NO means off the menu yet and it won’t be until, as they say, the Fat Brexit Lady sings.  My 10 food wisdom tips on sourcing, jointing and cooking healthy chicken will make several delicious meals for roughly the same price…

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Chlorinated Chicken: An Omen for Brexit?

I’m angry and I’m wading into the deep-end of this ‘chlorinated chicken’ business with a passion! Let me begin by saying this… Any ‘expert’ and any lobby-led politician (Brexiteer or not) who explicitly (or tacitly) condones the practice of raising cheap chicken by defending claims that chlorinated chicken (i.e. bleached meat) is a harmless solution…

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Three Ways for Tomatoes with Olive Oil


It’s official!  Tomatoes decrease plasma cholesterol, triglycerides, HDL and a range of inflammatory markers – and adding olive oil only makes things even better!! Researchers at the University of Barcelona carried out a ‘randomized controlled trial’ (RCT – a gold standard in research design) which looked specifically at the cardiovascular benefits of eating raw tomatoes,…

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Give Your Gut Critters a Summer Diet!

Our cheeky little Gut Critters (aka our gut microbiome) NEED a Summer diet!  They’re calling for us to calm the heat in our belly and transition from Spring foods to a Summer diet.  These smart cookies want cooler, moister foods which balance immunity, digestion, energy and weight and we need to listen – so no matter our…

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How I’m beating autoimmune arthritis with lifestyle medicine (3).

Lifestyle autoimmune arthritis

Autoimmune disease is a bummer. Autoimmune arthritis is a bummer. And psoriatic arthritis – a form of autoimmune arthritis with psoriasis – is no exception.  Left to its own devices, autoimmune diseases take no prisoners in their destructive progression and conventional approaches can only leave the sufferer reliant upon toxic and hideously debilitating medications. Believe me, it doesn’t HAVE to…

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Spring Foods Make Those Gut Critters Happy!

Spring Foods Seasonal Eating

‘Spring’ foods do a body good!  The ancient life-sciences and traditional societies knew that it does a body good to eat seasonally and modern science may just be catching up!  Our gut microbes are smart and demanding critters and we need to keep up!   Ever wondered why we call Nature’s regenerative season ‘Spring’?!   *This post was…

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How I’m Beating Arthritis with Food-as-Medicine (2): What I would have said to my younger self!

Izabella Younger self arthritis

Sadly, my younger self wasn’t able to piece together the complex medical and research jigsaw on arthritis and psoriasis that convinced me that food-as-medicine was the ONLY way of truly healing myself from a progressive autoimmune disease – psoriatic arthritis. IN THE FIRST POST in this series I shared how good it felt to know I was healing my psoriatic arthritis with…

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How I’m Beating Arthritis with Food-And-Lifestyle-Medicine (1)

spring blossom jigsaw

There’s NO doubt about it – I’m beating arthritis with food-and-lifestyle medicine.  Today, I took a break from writing, recipe testing and filming for my upcoming book to walk, painlessly, through a local park on this glorious early Spring day.  As I looked up and noticed the new blossom flowering against the clear blue sky,…

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Valentine’s Day ‘Self-Love’ 5 Ways!

Valentine's Day Self Love

Valentine’s Day traditions of romancing and honouring a lover with sensual foods (like chocolates!) hearts and flowers goes way back to the 18th-century.  Leaving aside the tacky media hype, I think it’s still a lovely way to recognise and be recognised by, a loved one.  For those without an ‘other half’, Valentine’s Day can leave us feeling pretty…

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