izabellaimg_5363-2I relish an opportunity to ‘go live’ and get real with switched on, busy people who want more energy, vitality and health – whether at work, rest, or play.  I love sharing food, health and lifestyle wisdom and inspiring everyone to enjoy their food, improve their health and create a better, more balanced lifestyle.

Izabella ‘Live’

I’ve spoken at national and regional events, workplaces, charities and organised interest groups.  For smaller audiences I can facilitate interactive nutrition seminars, workshops and demonstrations where I prepare delicious ‘tasting’ morsels.

My message is simple and powerful: Let’s make the rest of our lives, the best of our lives!

Here are some of the topics I’ve spoken on:

  • Granny Knew Best! Traditional Nutrition Today
  • The Art of Falling in Love with Your Food and Eating Healthily!
  • Love, Passion and Purpose: Making the Rest of Your Life, the Best of Your Life.
  • Optimum Health is a 24/7 Commitment – Why Settle For Less?
  • Changing Food and Lifestyle Habits and Making Them Stick
  • Eat Your Way to Success in Business!
  • AGEING is Common but It’s Not Normal!

I just wanted to let you know that I had my routine consultants appointment at hospital yesterday and my PsA seems to be inactive!  My bloods are great, everything is within normal range!  I am ecstatic!  It seems as though my arthritis has gone into remission!!  I never thought I would say those words – so, so pleased! I thought you would be interested to hear this, especially as you played such a huge part in helping me get here.  Sara Johnson, update March 2017 

Front-line to Sharp End

From my own first-hand experience as an employer, I understand the challenges that even the most committed employer faces in supporting staff to stay healthy!  As a former Management and Organisational Development Consultant and CEO of a Management Consultancy, l’ve been at the ‘sharp-end’ (the ‘buck-stops-here‘ end) of business.  And, in transforming my career to establish myself in the health, education and wellness field, I know the entrepreneur’s passion (and boy, the pain) of building a ‘start-up’!

But few of us start our careers at the top.  Most of us serve our apprenticeships on the ‘front-line’ working to targets, to tight deadlines and putting in long hours.  (Boy, do I remember that too!)

I’ve learned full well that, no matter where one is placed in an organisation working life takes its toll. Self-care, so important to our health becomes secondary to the challenges of our work, to bringing up a family, to being a partner, a carer, a friend; particularly for the self-employed and especially for women!

My background, training and experience means that my clients get something pretty unique:

Not just a speaker.  Not just a facilitator.   Not  just a development trainer.  Not just a team-builder.  Not just a nutritional chef.  Not just a food, health and lifestyle coach.


Bespoke presentations, talks, seminars and workshops are what I do best, so please contact me to discuss your ideas.




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