Once Upon a Cook: Food Wisdom, Better Living

Publication date: Summer 2017

Once Upon a Cook - Food Wisdom, Better Living is a marriage of traditional, time-honoured food wisdom and the modern science which is validating what our grannies have known for generations.  Within its pages you'll discover her food wisdom, forgotten skills and the science that shows us why Granny was so smart...

  • The traditional (often 'demonised') foods that are deliciously powerful 'medicine'.
  • Why bone broths and stocks make soups, casseroles and stews that heal.
  • Why offal isn't awful.
  • Why real milk is raw milk and why we should care.
  • Why 'organic' and 'grass-fed' isn't faddy - it's Mother Nature's gift.
  • How you can culture your way to health with fermented foods (yoghurts, labneh, kefir, simple cheeses, kombucha, etc)
  • Why we should care about our daily bread - and make it organic sourdough.
  • The foods that build your body and the foods that give you energy.
  • The 'demonised' foods are essential for energy, vitality and health.
  • Tips, techniques and recipes for preparing and cooking traditional foods.

About my Mum...    

My mum left me a legacy.  I wish she was still here... every day I thank her for my love and respect for food.  Her wisdom was my inspiration and it's in her honour, that I want to inspire you to reclaim your kitchen, get creative with fabulous, nutritious, affordable ingredients and cook REAL food, from scratch!  Above all, we want you to HAVE FUN and delight yourself, your family and your friends.  Let's go back - to the the future!