Vichy (Glazed) Carrots

Vichy carrots are a French classic and this way of cooking carrots is simple, quick and absolutely delicious!   The carrots are cooked with sugar, water, lemon juice and butter until they are just tender and the melted sugar forms a buttery glaze.  Just take a little care to avoid overcooking them or burning the sugar mixture!

A wide shallow lidded pan (like lidded frying pan) works best as the carrots can better cook in their glaze.

Recipe and image credit: Pierre Franley, New York Times

Food provenance

Pasture-raised meats, dairy, eggs and wild caught fish have a vastly superior nutritional profile, as do organic, or cleanly grown grains, fruits and vegetables. Please try to source your food as well as you are able.

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Vichy (Glazed) Carrots
A French classic, this way of cooking carrots is quick and absolutely delicious! Just take a little care not to overcook them or burn the glaze.
  1. Place the carrots in a large but shallow, lidded pan (like a lidded frying pan) and add the salt, pepper, sugar, water, lemon juice and butter.
  2. Cover the pan tightly and cook over a moderately high heat for about 7 mins until the carrots are just tender. Shaking the pan occasionally and add a little more liquid if the pan runs dry - take care not to burn them!
  3. When the liquid has evaporated and the carrots are lightly glazed, sprinkle with parsley and serve immediately.
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