Testimonial – Julie’s Story

I was recommended to Izabella by a close friend of mine who had worked with her previously on diet and lifestyle changes. At the stage of reaching out to Izabella I was drained, exhausted and just doing a days’ work was an achievement.  So, I decided to commit to putting my health first by asking for Izabella's help.

The advice and support that I received was second to none, and something I committed to 100%.  Throughout the programme Izabella was extremely supportive with very quick responses to my emails when I had questions between our scheduled calls, sending advice and suggestions, often substantiated by articles or blogs that helped make sense of everything.

I have followed the plan that Izabella prepared for me to the letter and I feel like a completely different person, full of energy, with a passion for wellbeing, healthy eating and committed to feeling the absolute best I can.

Since completing the plan, I continue to follow the advice that I received and continue to reap the benefits.  The food we eat really is our medicine!

I would highly recommend Izabella time and time again, for being the most supportive, caring and understanding health and lifestyle coach.  Without question, working with Izabella certainly has changed my life for the better.

Thanks so much again for all of you help

Best Wishes

Julie xx

Izabella Natrins

All around me I see busy, overwhelmed women - tired of being tired, fighting fatigue and struggling with their sleep, energy and health. As a nutrition & lifestyle health coach, a certified GAPS (Digestive Healing) practitioner, a nutritional chef, speaker and writer (and a partner, a mum & a grand-mum!), I’ve walked many miles in those shoes. And I can walk with you. After 30 years in the health space, I know that with food and lifestyle changes we CAN all get back our energy, vitality and true health - so let's make the rest of your life the BEST of your life.

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