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izabella natrinsI'm here to inform, inspire and support you to hear your body's whispers before it starts to scream; to make food and lifestyle choices for much better health; and to help you put the traditional foods that kept generations healthy back onto your table.

... You're keeping on going and going - but your body is screaming ‘NO’!

... You're sleeping badly, tired all the time and have no energy; or have unexplained aches and pains; or have a permanently fuzzy head and difficulty in concentrating.

... You're struggling with niggling health issues, intestinal or digestive issues, an autoimmune condition, the misery of hormonal dysfunction, pre or T2diabetes, a thyroid problem, or distressed by your weight-gain or by obesity.

... You sense there's an answer out there, but no-one's putting their finger on it; you've googled your eyeballs sore, searching for symptoms and solutions and you're frustrated for lack of knowledge and worried and confused about what to do, think and eat next - you are not alone.

You’re one of many women who just want to feel well and live more!

Here, I've gathered my 30 years' experience in the health space, a 10-year journey into food-and-lifestyle-as-medicine and the success of a personal journey that freed me from debilitating autoimmune disease and a lifetime of strong medication.

♥  I explain why and how the traditional foods that kept our grandparents (and theirs) fit, lean and free from the chronic diseases that plague us today

♥ I show you how to implement simple but important diet and lifestyle changes that will get you back on track to regain your energy and rebuild your health

♥ I support you in navigating your journey of information, education and inspiration

♥ You gain the knowledge, skills and confidence to create better health and make and the rest of your life, the BEST of your life.

You’ll find a friendly, listening and caring ear 

Let's get our 'FEMERGY' back!

femergy Why women?  Well it's not because the guys aren't struggling too.  Quite simply... we women hold the family and indeed the whole world in the palm of our hand. Our archetypal roles of 'Queen', 'Mother', 'Wise Woman' and'Lover' call on us to be deeply intuitive and intensely concerned with our young, our mate and our ‘pack’.  And boy, aren't we?! But it’s a heavy responsibility: Overwhelm, fatigue and the feeling we need to do more, be more and care more hounds & depletes us daily. Doesn't it? Our health and our happiness is suffering – and so is our ability to hold it together. Many of us, beleaguered from puberty to menopause (and beyond) by a hormonal horror story, are left feeling that our health and our vitality is slowly ebbing away. By making (delicious) no-fad food and (simple) lifestyle changes we really CAN restore our 'Femergyand absolutely make the rest of our lives the BEST of our lives! why women matter


When I reclaimed my energy, vitality and health, from a debilitating autoimmune disorder by making important (and delicious) food and simple (but crucial) lifestyle changes, I turned back the clock on my disease and - indeed - on the ageing process!  I felt so well that I vowed to help other women do the same.

All around me I see busy, overwhelmed women - tired of being tired, fighting fatigue and struggling with their sleep, energy and health. After 30 years' experience in the health space and as a nutrition & lifestyle health coach, a certified GAPS (Digestive Healing) practitioner writer, a nutritional chef, a speaker and writer (and a partner, a mum & a grand-mum), I’ve walked miles in those shoes - but I know that we CAN all get back our energy, vitality and true health! Let's make the rest of your life the BEST of your life.