Whole-Health Consulting & Coaching for Women

Whole-health consulting and coaching for women. Real food nutrition and lifestyle medicine coaching, information, education, inspiration and motivation for women around midlife.

Create radical, resilient health, fix weight, feel better, live more at midlife and beyond.

Whole-health consulting and coaching for women has never been more important. It has never been more important for women to take personal action to create resilient, radical health.

In a world of increasing health challenges, chronic disease and failing health systems, whole-health and wellness coaching makes the difference between wishing your life was better and creating a vibrant, healthy life.

“The food you eat can be either the safest and most powerful form of medicine or the slowest form of poison.”

– Anne Wigmore, Holistic Health Practitioner


The Real Food Solution front cover

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Sabrina Cason Zeif

Izabella shares with us true food wisdom. Something that has been lost in the world of convenience foods. This books is absolutely packed with vital information that can help people to understand why they need to rethink how they eat, shop, approach their health and the environment. It reveals the truth regarding foods which we’ve been led to believe are healthy or unhealthy. Most of all, The Real Food Solution will help you to become a more informed consumer. It’s a labour of love from an incredibly passionate and highly knowledgeable author. I absolutely love this book. 

This book is absolutely fantastic! Izabella has managed to capture all of the “hot” topics regarding food and gives you a well balanced answers regarding each category. Recipes are wonderful too! I think everyone should read this and I will recommend this to my health coaching clients.

G B.
This book is a wealth of knowledge and a bible on nutrition at its best!
As a Pharmacist and now a holistic practitioner I had a fairly decent background on health and nutrition, but this book has taught me so much about food, it’s value and health benefits. It goes back to the absolute basics of how we should be viewing the rearing and growing of our food, treating it with the respect it deserves and using the knowledge our ancestors had to gain the maximum health benefits possible.
In a world of convenience food, additives and GM products hidden away in so much of our food, this book is a real eye opener. It’s packed with fantastic recipes and is a treasury of information. If you are looking at turning around your health, do yourself a favour and start with this book!

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