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How would you feel to be full of energy instead of having to think about your health every day?

What if you could find better health through changing the foods you eat? What if you discovered truths about food that made you want to change the way you eat?

Learn why and how traditional, nutrient-dense foods kept generations of our grandparents healthy, happy and free from the modern diseases that plague us today.

Put real food back on your table with over 40 delicious recipes and 100's of science-supported references.





Build resilience and confidence, feel better and live more with my femergy@40 health coaching programmes!

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Midlife is PRIME-time and your time to SHINE!

Our 'midlife' is pivotal. From our mid-30's onwards, it's the start of a decades-long journey of new discoveries about who we are and how we want to live. For women, it's absolutely our prime-time... a time to embrace our wisdom, share our gifts with confidence and to step forward courageously to make the rest of life, the best of life. A time to shine.

I passionately believe that women-in-prime-time really matter in the world today and I want to help them to build their confidence and resilience, to feel better and to live more. So I've researched, curated and presented information from a wide variety of trusted sources and top experts in functional and integrative medicine and holistic healthcare practitioners and offer it here at Izabella Natrins - Food|Health|Lifestyle.

You yearn to get more from life, but how often does it feel like this...

♥ I want to feel better, but I'm simply overwhelmed. My body keeps whispering "slow down girl", but I keep on going and going... 

♥ I want to nip my niggling health issues in the bud - I'm sleeping badly, have no energy and am tired all the time. I struggle with my weight and am getting unexplained aches and pains, a permanently fuzzy head and I've difficulty in concentrating. I feel my body's urging me to: "Stop... please, listen".

I'm so tired of dieting. I'm always trying new diets and every diet I try works for a while. I'll lose weight, but then I lose willpower and fall off the wagon. I keep on regaining the weight I've lost... and more. It's distressing, I just want to relax, to have more energy, to be happy, to feel like 'ME'.  I sense my body urging me to: "Stop... stop dieting and find a long-term solution to get this weight off and keep it off."

I've been struggling for too long with multiple health issues - an intestinal or digestive disorder, an autoimmune condition, miserable hormonal dysfunction, infertility, a thyroid problem. I'm pre or T2 diabetic, or struggle with obesity. My body's crying out: "Help. Me. Now."

You’re one of many women who just want to feel well and live more!

As women, we're hard-wired and deeply invested in wanting to save the world - to 'fix it' for everyone from our partner and family, to our planet... and, when there's time and energy, we show up for ourselves. But we're trying to do so much at once that the effect on our well-being - mind, body and spirit - is not only overwhelming, it's just not sustainable.

We want to show up to be the best we can be... to shine... but our energy, motivation and our health just isn't co-operating!

Do you feel it?  

Do you feel it? The sense there's an answer out there, but no-one's putting their finger on it. You've googled your eyeballs sore, searching for symptoms, patterns and solutions. You're frustrated for lack of knowledge, worried and confused about what to do, think and eat next. You are not alone.

Meet a mentor, coach and ally...

Fuelled by a passion for wanting women to equip women to become the architects of their own health and embrace their prime-time in health and happiness, energy and optimism, I've garnered my 30 years' experience in the health space and a 10-year journey into food-and-lifestyle-as-medicine in service of a mission...

To inform, inspire and support you to hear your body's whispers before it starts to scream; to help you to put the traditional foods that kept past generations healthy, back onto your table; and to build resilience with sustainable lifestyle choices for much better health in midlife and beyond.

And, the success of my personal journey in building my own resilience and freeing myself from a debilitating autoimmune disease and the prospect of a lifetime of strong medication, is living proof that our health is powerfully in our hands.

♥  A mentor, helping you to understand why food-is-medicine and why education comes before medication; teaching you how to put the nutrient-dense traditional foods that kept generations of our grandparents fit, lean and free from chronic diseases, back onto your table.

♥ A coach, helping you to get clear on your health goals and priorities; supporting you with information, inspiration and the motivation to take small, actionable steps for the wins - the diet and lifestyle changes that get you into the driving seat and put the pedal to the metal for more energy, vitality, control and much better health.

♥ An ally, on your side, encouraging you to gain the confidence to manage your own health. An ally in allowing you to shine and make rest of your life, the BEST of your life.

If this resonates with you, health coaching can make the difference between wishing life was better and creating a much better life.

 Is health coaching right for you?

You’ll find a friendly, listening and caring ear 

Create better health @40... and beyond

Why 'femergy'?  

femergyWomen hold the family and indeed, the whole world in the palm of our hand. Our archetypal roles of 'Queen', 'Mother', 'Wise Woman' and 'Lover' call on us to be deeply intuitive and intensely concerned with our young, our mate and our ‘pack’ - and by extension, our planet. But it’s a heavy load: Overwhelm, fatigue and the feeling we need to do more, be more and care more depletes us daily

As we transition to midlife, in caring for others, our own health and happiness are suffering – and so is our ability to hold everything together. Many of us, beleaguered from puberty by less than optimum health, are left feeling that our health and our vitality is slowly ebbing away.  Well it's time to reclaim it.

Our food and lifestyle is our first medicine. By making delicious (no-fad) food and powerfully simple lifestyle changes we really CAN build resilience and restore our femergy, make midlife and beyond our prime-time - and make the rest of our lives the BEST of our lives!


why women matter


My 30 years' experience in the health space and as a qualified holistic nutrition & lifestyle health coach, a certified GAPS (Digestive Healing) practitioner, a nutritional chef, a speaker and author (and a partner, a mum & a grand-mum) has taught me that our health is our wealth... not our 'stuff'.

These leading-edge bodies in functional, holistic and lifestyle medicine and in population health are at the leading edge of helping us to understand that creating true health and resilience is about working to support a whole person in his or her environment.

I'm very proud to be a member and an active supporter. Click here to discover more about the important work of these organisations.

As a midlife woman (and beyond!), I walked many miles in your shoes. I can help you to get back your energy, your vitality, more control to feel better and live more.

I reclaimed my energy, vitality and failing health from a debilitating autoimmune disorder by making delicious food and simple lifestyle changes. I turned back the clock on my disease and on the ageing process! I felt so well that I developed the IzabellaNatrins.Com website and my Femergy@40 Nutrition and Lifestyle Coaching Programmes to help you do the same.

My book Once Upon a Cook - Food Wisdom, Better Living will make you want to change the way you eat, reclaim your kitchen and take back your health.

So let me show you how to make your prime-time shine and make the rest of your life the best of your life.

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