Izabella Natrins Consulting & Whole Health Coaching

Izabella Natrins Consulting & Whole Health Coaching is a Food, Health & Lifestyle Medicine Consultancy and Health Coaching Practice.

I provide lifestyle and behaviour change consultancy, nutrition and lifestyle medicine health coaching, information, education, inspiration and motivation for women around midlife.

I help women to create self-empowered, radical and resilient health, fix weight, feel better, live more at midlife and beyond.

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In a world of increasing health challenges, pandemics of chronic disease and failing health systems, whole-health, wellness and wellbeing coaching makes the difference between wishing life was better and creating vibrant, healthy lives.

It has never been more important for women to take personal action to create resilient, radical health.

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Carol Edwards

Having grown up in the city and slightly detached from country life, I found this book invaluable. It takes you back to basics so that you have a foundation on which to build.

Now I am able to identify what to believe and what to ignore when the next big superfood craze is being promoted by ‘experts’ and shortly afterwards, demonised by other ‘experts’.

The phrase ‘you are what you eat, eats’ resonated with me and has given me a new perspective on how to choose what I eat and how it contributes to my health. I have no hesitation in recommending this book everyone.

Excellent well informative book, for those wishing to try and enjoy real food this is a must, The Real Food Solution has everything you will need and your purchase price of the book will be donated to the above [ The Real Food Campaign U.K. ]
So if you need a change of life style that you will enjoy every day, get this order in today – you will not regret doing so with the knowledge you’re helping The Real Food Campaign U.K. with your generous donation in placing an order for this exciting healthy read.
Thanks Izabella for all your hard work in informing all to a better lifestyle and good health. Phil Bridge. God Bless ya.

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