7 Reasons To Use Ghee (Foodies will LOVE #7)

Want 7 reasons to use ghee? Look no further! Ghee is a super delicious, healing, saturated uber-fat prized since ancient times. Ghee is made from clarifying butter: very gently boiling off the milk solids from unsalted butter to leave the delicious, highly nutritious and healing golden oil behind. 

If your fat of choice has been coconut oil, then it’s a great choice: coconut oil is universal (i.e. vegan-friendly) and with a myriad of uses from bullet-proofing coffee, to baking and frying, to hair and skin-conditioning, non-toxic sun protection, energy production and weight loss. Coconut oil fully deserves its reputation as of one healthiest saturated fats on the planet, BUT…

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Don’t let’s over-look ghee…

Although super-healthy, ghee has become a ‘shame-child’ unjustly suffering the ‘sat-fat’ demonisation heaped upon its parent.  I LOVE ghee and want to give it some positive and well-deserved PR.  There are scores of reasons to use ghee… but here are my top picks  >>>

7 reasons why you should start using ghee:

Reason #1: Ghee is a prized TRADITIONAL FOOD. Ghee has been used by the ancient wisdom of Ayurveda in India for thousands of years, as a food and a medicine.  This ‘science of life’ holds that ghee promotes mental and physical healing through its ability to cleanse and support wellness. As well as being ingested (used internally) for cleansing, detoxing and healing, ghee is also used topically to treat skin conditions, heal burns and to moisturise the skin and scalp. Like coconut oil, it’s a multi-use ‘super-fat’!

The science on ghee is showing us that ghee, because it’s a short-chain fatty acid (see below), rapidly penetrates the lipid (fat) based cell walls in the body making it a great source of energy and an effective carrier, facilitating medication to reach the heart of the cell, where it can provide the most benefit.


An Ayurvedic cleanse with ghee involves ingesting it daily at increasing dosages to force the gallbladder to flush out its existing bile—which is often thick and viscous—and stimulate the liver to make new bile. Bile acts as an intestinal scrub, and in concert with the butyric acid from the ingested ghee, supports the health of the gut wall and the microbes who manufacture butyrate all along it. (Dr John Douillard)


Reason #2: Ghee is rich in BUTYRIC ACID.  The primary fatty acid in butter is called butyric acid – named because it was first discovered in butter. Butyric acid, also known as butyrate, is a short-chain fatty acid (SCFA) produced in the colon by our gut bacteria from dietary fibre. Our intestinal tract thrives on butyrate; it acts as the preferred source of energy for the cells that line the colon, controls inflammation and supports colon health by helping to protect and repair the integrity of the gut wall. Ghee is potentially helpful for individuals suffering from IBS, Crohn’s disease and ulcerative colitis. Ghee resists oxidation (acting as a detoxifier) and is easily metabolised by the liver to provide energy and support a high metabolism – so helps with weight loss and management.

Reason #3: Ghee contains an amazing density of nutrients:

  • Short (SCFA), medium (MCFA) and long-chain fatty acids (LCFA), both unsaturated and saturated
  • Omega-3 and omega-9 essential fatty acids
  • Vitamins A, D, E, and K
  • Conjugated linoleic acid
  • 9 phenolic antioxidants
  • Numerous other minerals

Vitamin K2  Like vitamins A, D, and E, vitamin K is a fat-soluble and is widely deficient in our diet, due to the lack of grass-fed animal fats. Vitamin K is essential to help us utilise minerals, including calcium. Dubbed the ‘forgotten vitamin’, studies show that Vitamin K builds bones better than calcium and it protects against tooth decay, supports proper growth and development of bones and also protects against atherosclerosis – the ‘hardening’ of the arteries we associate with ageing.

Note: If you’re supplementing with vitamin D or calcium, make sure to include sources of (or supplement with) vitamin K as well.

CLA is found in ghee from grass-fed cows.  One of the best natural sources of CLA, ghee is a powerful antioxidant with anti-viral properties.  New studies are finding that it may help to reduce tumours, lower cholesterol and high blood pressure, reduce inflammation and actually lower body fat!  Not bad for a demonised ‘butter’ product?!

By the way: coconut oil does not contain K2 or CLA – so you’ll be doing your body an extra favour!

Reason #4: Ghee is well tolerated by those with a DAIRY INTOLERANCE.  As I mentioned above, ghee is clarified from butter.  Although technically it’s a ‘dairy’ product, the process of clarification removes all moisture and milk solids, so those with lactose or casein intolerance often have no problem with ghee.  It’s also a very healthy alternative those with a coconut allergy, or who suffer digestive symptoms due to coconut oil’s fibrous nature.

Reason #5: Ghee has a high SMOKE POINT.  Ghee’s smoke point is 485°F (coconut oil comes in at 350°F).  A fat, or oil’s ‘smoke point’ is when it literally starts ‘smoking’ and gives off that familiar acrid smell (the point at which you leap up to take the pan off the heat!). With ghee, because the milk solids have been removed from the butter base,  it doesn’t burn at high heat, so you’ll get all the flavour without encouraging harmful toxic compounds from the fat (or the burned food!).

Reason #6: IT’S DEAD EASY TO MAKE.  A home-made, grass-fed, organic traditional superfood –  what more can you ask for? Recipe link below.

Reason #7: GHEE HAS A RICH, BUTTERY FLAVOUR. For us, as a right pair of ‘foodies’ we gotta say that this is – probably – the best reason to start using ghee!

Click To Learn More about Ghee:

Honestly, there’s a TON of information out there on the health benefits of ghee (and other saturated fats). Sorting through it all can be overwhelming, confusing and so contradictory that it leaves you reeling!

To save you brain-ache, I’ve curated some sound articles from around the web – just click any link below for more detailed and reliable information.



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  1. Mark says:

    You’re so right! Gotta love ghee! I use it all the time to cook with. First had it in a bulletproof coffee and was like wow! What is this stuff? It’s gheenius (okay, not my best pun).

  2. A very thorough and well written article on ghee – I personally do t use ghee as I avoid dairy. But some great justifications here for those who can tolerate dairy. You are providing some great education on your site!

    • Often ghee is a good start to re-introducing dairy products in the diet, but it isn’t for everyone. I’ve found that ghee from grass-fed butter and raw butter have really helped to reduce the stiffness in my arthritic condition. Thank you for your comments, Darryl. In the course of helping myself out of a grim health situation, I learned SO much from established (but well hidden!) research and from emerging science; sharing information, education and inspiration so others’ may benefit, is the reason I’m doing what I’m doing and it’s really great to have endorsement!

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