Are You a Dieting Casualty? STOP Dieting and START Eating!

Diets’ don’t work.   Don’t we all know it – in the long run?  And we’ve all been there: dissatisfied with how we look; knowing our regular eating habits aren’t helping our health; persuaded by the plausible theory behind the latest trend in ‘diets’; starting a new plan with gusto.  And sure, we start losing weight. Some of us begin to feel better about ourselves; our new ‘diet’ seems easy to follow – and after all, it’s not forever is it?

‘Chronic dieting’

But even, though we’re losing weight how many more of us actually don’t feel so great? Instead we feel guilty that we’re not enjoying the process of becoming ‘healthy’?  We’re feeling a sense of loss of joy in our lives – a sense guilt that we’re not embracing this new regime?  So out of shame and fear of failure we clench our teeth and carry on in sheer determination.  We will do this!  We will get through this!  And we’ll have a real sense of accomplishment when it’s done!

And as we make progress with our weight, we’re motivated to get out and do more – maybe take up regular exercise, classes, a sport?  After a while,  we feel ready to go back to ‘normal’. Eating, that is.  And then as our weight slowly and stealthily starts creeping back up, we start cutting back, cutting out and reaching out for our trusty (or maybe a new?) diet plan.  And the whole damn thing starts over …..

But wait, hold this thought:

“While many people seem to know that dieting doesn’t work in the long run-most are shocked to hear that the process of dieting itself, (independent of genetics), increases your body’s propensity to gain weight.  Scientists call this “dieting-induced weight-gain” and it may be a contributing to the obesity epidemic.

Dieting is biologically akin to compound interest—but in a negative context.  If you put your money in a compound-interest savings account, you will accelerate your earnings, resulting in more money accumulated, compared to an ordinary savings account.  In a similar way, dieting amplifies the amount of weight gained, compared to a non-dieting person with similar genes and body.” 
– Evelyn Tribole, MS, RD

So what’s to be done?

Chris Sandal over at Seven-Health, is right on on the money.  He recently published a podcast with Jodie Arnot, one among a whole ‘new-wave’ of Personal Trainers who works with a small bunch of clued-up nutritionists and dietitians who absolutely LOVE FOOD! So clearly, I’m immediately listening to women (and men, sorry Chris!) after my own heart! Yes, you heard that’s right: they love food and are making a stand against ‘chronic dieting’.

Chris talks to Jody about the whole issue of ‘moderation’, intuitive eating, weight stigma, negative body image at any size, and how the media manipulate our perception of ‘healthy’. It’s a fascinating podcast on a topic that I’d like to we need to get to grips with!

Why?  Because …

“Dieting has harmful consequences, beyond lacking long-term effectiveness.  Dieting is not an innocuous right of passage, whether it’s for teenager angst, a wedding dress, a New Year’s resolution, or athletic performance.

Dieting increases your chances of gaining even more weight in the future, not to mention increases your risk of eating disorders, and body dissatisfaction.”  
– Evelyn Tribole MS, RD

Guys, this is huge!   And obviously, this is not good news – for anyone!  I’m going to be publishing our own podcast with Chris, where he explains why he does what he does, and why he’s different.  In the meantime, let’s get into this groove by listening in to Chris and Jodie for a neat introduction into the whole issue ‘Moderation’ and beyond …


Evelyn Tribole, MS, RD: Warning – Dieting increases your risk of gaining MORE weight




Izabella Natrins

After 30 years in the health space, I'm here to share and use my expertise and experience to help women to create the true health they deserve. My Femergy@40 Nutrition and Lifestyle Health Coaching and Resilient Weight-Loss programmes empower, support and inspire women who are fighting fatigue, struggling with overwhelm, weight gain, sleep, energy and niggling or multiple diagnosed health issues, to find hope and optimism, regain confidence and create much better health. My book 'The Real Food Solution' 2020 (updated from Once Upon a Cook 2019) is an evidence-based treasury of real food wisdom and a call to action to change the way you eat, create more energy, vitality and better health and support a sustainable planet ... with traditional foods. I'm a qualified real food nutrition and lifestyle health expert, holistic health coach, nutritional chef and a writer, a speaker and a partner, mum & grand-mum.

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