Corporate Testimonial – BBGR, Birmingham

”The feedback is amazing, even my manager has now signed up to the event on Friday because everyone is talking about it.  My colleague mentioned that the egg frittatas were amazing too!”

[Email from Simran Bhatt, HR Advisor, following Seminar 1]

About BBGR Staff

bbgr logoBBGR is a French company and one of the biggest optical lens producers in Europe.  It has several bases in the UK, of which Birmingham is one.  The majority of its male and female staff at the Birmingham base, are aged late 30s to mid 70s and are culturally diverse, with many following a vegetarian or vegan diet.  The staff work demanding 12-hour shift patterns, which rotate such that members work every second weekend.

Our Brief and Objectives

System Reset’s input to be a key element in a BBGR week-long  ‘Healthy Living’ event.

  • To give participants an opportunity to discuss their perceptions of ‘health’ and ‘well-being’
  • To help participants learn more about how what we eat affects our health
  • To highlight foods which support and those that hinder our health
  • To enable participants to make ‘pro-health’ food and life-style choices
  • To demonstrate that cooking from scratch is not only healthy, but will save time and money
  • To provide participants with access to a range of on-line and down-loadable recipes and resources to support ‘healthy habits’

Our Approach

To engage staff from the outset of the event with a series of fun, group exercises, plenary feedback and facilitator-led input and to conclude with a demonstration of simple but delicious dishes which meet a wide range of dietary preferences and fit in with a demanding, shift-led lifestyle.

The Process

  • What does ‘health’ look like? (Group exercise)
  • What are we eating?  What ‘should’ we be eating? (Group exercises)
  • What’s on the label?  And what’s not?!  Does it Matter (Group exercise & facilitator input)
  • Diseases of ‘Civilisation’ (Facilitator input)
  • What to eat?  Granny knew best! (Facilitator input)
  • Super-quick, super-delicious, super-flexible breakfasts, lunches and suppers (Demonstration and tasting)

Simran’s Testimonial

”BBGR invited Isabel and Kirsty to create a bespoke nutrition seminar and practical cooking demonstration tailored to our working shift patterns.  We wanted to educate our staff and change eating habits to healthier lifestyle choices.

These ladies were amazing, their presentation, culinary skills and team activities were on fire, literally!  (Well, maybe not actually literally!)

They have left our employees talking, eating and sharing good food advice.  Certainly a different perspective into a healthy engaged workforce.”

Simran Bhatt, HR Advisor.


Workshop (2.1)



Izabella Natrins

I'm here to inspire and support women at midlife and beyond to re-ignite purpose and meaning to take back control of their health and create the radical, resilient heath they want and deserve. As a whole-health expert with over 30 years experience in the field, a qualified Health and Wellness Coach and Ballymaloe-trained nutritional chef, my real food nutrition and lifestyle medicine programmes support women fighting fatigue, struggling with overwhelm, weight gain, sleep, energy and niggling or multiple diagnosed health issues. As an advocate for real food nutrition, regenerative agriculture and whole-health, my book 'The Real Food Solution' is an evidence-based treasury wisdom for energy, vitality and better health for people and planet and a call to action to change the way we grown, source and cook our food. As the CEO at The UK Health Coaches Association, I'm proud to continue the task of leading the first professional association for Health and Wellness Coaches in the world and the gold standard for the UK and Ireland.

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