Speaking Events – Book Izabella ‘Live’ for Work, Rest and Play!

When I’m booked for speaking events, I get really real for busy people who want more energy, vitality and health – whether at work, rest, or play.

I love sharing the wisdoms of food, health and lifestyle medicine and inspiring everyone to enjoy their food, create a better, more balanced lifestyle and say ‘hello‘ to true health!

A warm welcome to those visiting for the first time, and let me introduce you to my approach and the ‘Why’ behind what I do.

Speaking Events: Book Izabella ‘Live’

I’ve spoken at national & regional events, workplaces, charities and organised interest groups.  For speaking events with smaller audiences I can facilitate interactive nutrition seminars, workshops and demonstrations.

These are some of the topics I’ve addressed at speaking events:

  • Granny Knew Best! Traditional Nutrition Today
  • The Art of Falling in Love with Your Food and Eating Healthily!
  • Love, Passion and Purpose: Making the Rest of Your Life, the Best of Your Life.
  • Optimum Health is a 24/7 Commitment – Why Settle For Less?
  • Changing Food and Lifestyle Habits… and Making Them Stick
  • Eat Your Way to Success in Business!
  • Femmergy Beyond Fifty – Why Mid-life and Menopause is Transformational!
  • AGEING is Common but It’s Not Normal!

I just wanted to let you know that I had my routine consultants appointment at hospital yesterday and my PsA seems to be inactive!  My bloods are great, everything is within normal range!  I am ecstatic!  It seems as though my arthritis has gone into remission!!  I never thought I would say those words – so, so pleased! I thought you would be interested to hear this, especially as you played such a huge part in helping me get here.

 Sara Johnson, update March 2017 

Front-line to Sharp End

From my own first-hand experience as an employer, I understand the challenges that even the most committed employer faces in supporting staff to stay healthy!  As a former Management and Organisational Development Consultant and CEO of a Management Consultancy, l  And, in transforming my career to establish myself in the health, education and wellness field, I know the entrepreneur’s passion (and boy, the pain) of building a ‘start-up’!

But few of us start our careers at the top.  Most of us serve our apprenticeships on the ‘front-line’ working to targets, to tight deadlines and putting in long hours.  (Boy, do I remember that too!)

I’ve learned full well that, no matter where one is placed in an organisation working life takes its toll. Self-care, so important to our health becomes secondary to the challenges of our work, to bringing up a family, to being a partner, a carer, a friend; particularly for the self-employed and especially for women!

My background, training and experience means that my speaking events are charged with  something pretty unique:

Not just a speaker. Not just a facilitator. Not just a development trainer. Not just a team-builder. Not just a nutritional chef. Not just a food, health and lifestyle medicine coach.


Bespoke presentations, talks, seminars and workshops are what I do best, so please contact me to discuss your ideas.



The Art of Eating Healthily Seminar & Demonstration – BBGR

BBGR Testimonial


Culture Your Health: Workshop

Izabella Natrins – Food | Health | Lifestyle

As a Certified GAPS Practitioner (Intestinal & Digestive Health), a Food & Lifestyle Health Advocate, a qualified Nutritional Chef and an experienced health researcher & writer, I’ve learned from helping scores of others – and from the experience of my own health challenges – that our food and our lifestyle is THE solution to much better health at any age.

As a partner, a mum & a grand-mum, I know ‘busy’! All around me I see women like me, who are tired of being tired and tired of struggling.

But with the right support, we can all develop the knowledge, skills, tools and the confidence to make the rest of our life the BEST of our life!