Breast Cancer UK

As a Nutrition and Lifestyle Health Coach, Nutritional Chef and Certified GAPS Practitioner, I’m committed to preventive health education and to supporting the wonderful work of Breast Cancer UK, an independent national charity dedicated not only to raising awareness of but more importantly, promoting preventative action to reduce breast cancer risk.

Did you know*:

  • 1 in 7 women in the UK will be diagnosed with breast cancer at some point in their lifetime? Although much rarer 400 men are diagnosed each year in the UK.
  • Breast cancer is the most common cancer in women in the UK? 31% of cancers diagnosed in women are breast cancer.
  • 1 in 5 cases of breast cancer are in women under 50?
  • Breast cancer rates in England have increased by 99% since records began in 1971? Age standardised incidence rates have increased by 4% in the last ten years alone.

*Stats correct as of Sept 2018

Breast cancer rates are rising and they’re rising most rapidly for women over 35. The age-standardised rate of breast cancer rose 24% in women between 1993-1995 and 2012-2014. Today, 1 in 7 women will be diagnosed with this distressing disease at some point in their lives.

Breast Cancer UK was formed in April 1999, to:

  • Campaign to encourage a preventative approach by calling for improvements in legislation and public health policies;
  • Raise awareness amongst members of the public about the links between lifestyle, exposure to harmful chemicals and breast cancers; and providing practical solutions to help reduce exposure;
  • Support scientific research into the links between breast cancer and exposure to carcinogenic, hazardous and endocrine disrupting chemicals.

Their vision ‘A world without breast cancer’ and mission ‘To prevent breast cancer through scientific understanding, education, collaboration and policy change’ is a world in which the lifestyle, environmental and chemical causes of breast cancer have been eliminated, so that fewer people have to live in fear, suffer the anxiety and trauma of diagnosis, treatment, illness and potential death which results from the disease. Making simple changes to our lifestyles can help reduce our exposure to harmful chemicals, which may cause health problems, including breast cancer.

Breast Cancer UK’s charitable objectives are:

  • Advancing health and saving lives by seeking to reduce the incidence of breast cancer by identifying its causes and encouraging a preventative approach.
  • Advancing the education of the public (including patients, their families, the medical research establishment and others) about the causes, impact and prevention of breast cancer.
  • Collating, conducting or commissioning research (including the analysis of clinical data and research) into the causes and treatment of breast cancer, and to publish the results thereof.

With information, education and lifestyle change, we can bring about the changes we need to stop this distressing disease before it starts.

Breast Cancer UK is entirely independent and doesn’t receive grants from Government or industry but relies on support from members of the public.

Please check out their fabulous website and download a plethora of excellent resources to help YOU reduce your risk and discover how you can get involved to help and support them to achieve their health-critical mission.