Can Energy Medicine Prevent Breast Disease?

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Can ‘energy medicine’ help us to prevent breast disease? As Breast Cancer Awareness Month gets underway for 2018, women are facing a distressing prospect: ONE in SEVEN of us will receive a breast cancer diagnosis and ONE in FIVE of us will be under 50 years old.  No wonder we’re being called to action to ‘fight-the-fight-and-find-the-cure!

Let’s beat cancer…

As the many breast cancer awareness campaigns spring into action with the familiar war-like vocabulary of battling cancer, fighting it, seeking and destroying it, surviving it and stomping it out, we attend our screening appointments, hold our breath and we wonder…

Without question, advances in breast cancer detection and treatment are extending lives… but often, they’ve come at the cost of huge personal anguish.

breast cancerLet’s prevent cancer…

As a committed advocate for preventive medicine, I’m hugely supportive of the efforts of Breast Cancer UK.

BCUK the only UK charity which researches into the environmental causes of breast cancer to educate and inspire women to reduce their breast cancer risk by making simple lifestyle changes.

By avoiding or removing toxic environmental and hormone-disrupting chemicals found in everyday household and personal care products we can reduce the risk for ourselves and for our families, including men.

I’m 100% for this… no-one needs persuading that prevention is better than cure.

Energetic breast disease prevention

As we say a farewell to ‘Self-Care September’, what if there was another, gentler and more empowering way to respond to a diagnosis, or even better to support our body to create breast health that protects us from a cancer diagnosis?

In an article published this week, Heal Your 4th Chakra for Life-Long Health, Dr Christiane Northrup, a pioneer and champion for women’s health at midlife brings our attention to the concept of energetic breast disease prevention in Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

Before we explore the article, let’s take a look at the concept of ‘energy medicine’

Energy medicine

As we in the West learn more about the benefits and underlying mechanisms of the energy medicine, practised for many thousands of years by Eastern healing traditions like Ayurveda, Traditional Chinese Medicine, Qi Gong and Acupuncture, we become more open to trying these alternative approaches.

My approach to healing is fundamentally evidence-based and grounded in sound science, but I also respect the evidence of what works in the clinical setting.  We don’t (as yet) have the western ‘gold standard’ randomised controlled trials (RCTs), but I’m increasingly drawn to encouraging women to explore the rich cornucopia of energy therapies available to us from other cultures.

We don’t have RCTs, but we do have quantum physics and quantum mechanics.

Quantum mechanics teaches us that we are one with our universe, connected together by an energy called the Zero Point Energy Field.  Zero Point Energy is the sea of virtual particles that lies beneath every point in the universe. (1) In order for Western medicine to have a cohesive physiological system, it must account for the existence of energy fields within as well as outside of the human body.

The mind-body connection

In their book, The Scientific Basis of Integrative Medicine (based on hundreds of studies and over 20 years of research) authors Dr Len Wiskneki and Lucy Anderson offer a rapprochement of medical research and ancient philosophical concepts to articulate a model for health care that integrates mental, emotional and spiritual dimensions.

The authors examine the scientific underpinnings of the mind-body connection or what we now call psychoneuroimmunology (PNI), describing the numerous complex interactions of the endocrine, immune, nervous and stress systems, elaborating how:

… various forms of energy (e.g. light, sound, electromagnetism or even prayer) translate into the chemical and electrical signals that orchestrate our physical health and mental well-being. It has been scientifically documented that factors, such as faith, prayer and love, influence our recovery from illness. These partially understood modalities currently are spoken of in terms of ‘energy’, ‘healing energy’ or ‘subtle energy’.” (2)

chakraHealing the Fourth Chakra

The Chakras correspond with the energy centres in our bodies through which our energy (qi or chi) flows, connecting our nerves, hormones, and emotions. They run parallel to the body’s neuroendocrine-immune system, forming a link between our physical anatomy and our energetic map.  When energy gets blocked in one or more of our seven chakras, we experience illness.

Dr Northrup sees the chakras as our roadmap to health; in her article, she writes: (3)

“While Western medicine focuses on the genetics of breast cancer, there are defined emotional patterns that contribute to diseases of the breast. The Fourth Chakra – also called the Heart Chakra — is your emotional center. If there are emotional patterns you are holding onto that are not supporting you, this can set the stage for illness in these organs. Conversely, when you are able to recognize these patterns and release them, you set the stage for health.”

Our breasts and bodies are dynamic. They are always changing and have an innate intelligence toward achieving balance and health. That’s why you hear so many stories of spontaneous remission or breast cancers disappearing on their own. I want to offer another way to look at your breasts and create breast health…”

I’ve outlined below Dr Northrup suggestions for ways we can promote Fourth Chakra health.  For a fuller explanation of these strategies, I strongly encourage you to visit Dr Northrup’s website.

  • Moving your body
  • Regular massage
  • Burning your bra
  • Offering gratitude
  • Practising forgiveness
  • Allowing yourself to be loved
  • Using affirmations, mantras, and mirror work
  • Embracing green - the colour of the Fourth Chakra

Breast cancer is now the most common cancer to affect women in the UK. It’s a devastating disease that destroys women’s lives and leaves a huge impact on their families.

Developing effective treatments and searching for a cure has never been more urgent. Reducing our risk is a priority.  Let’s use every trick at our disposal.


(1) Zero-Point Energy Demystified

(2) Wisneki L & Anderson L (2005). The Scientific Basis of Integrative Medicine. Evidence-Based Complementary and Alternative Medicine. 2005 Jun; 2(2): 257–259. Available online:

(3) Northrup C (2018): Healing the Fourth Chakra. Dr Cristiane Northrup MD. Available online:


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