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What is ‘Whole Health’ & How Can We Achieve It?

What is ‘whole-health’ and how can we achieve it? Orla Hayes and I found each other when I responded to a ‘journo request’. I was delighted to discover her magazine ‘Natural Way’, a fast-growing online resource for consumers wanting to know more about products and treatments that can enhance a...

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Weed killer sandwiches anyone?

Weed Killer Sandwiches Anyone? Real Bread Week 2021 It’s Real Bread Week (22-28 February 2021) and I thought it was important to share this article posted on the UK Health Coaches Association site. It’s ESSENTIAL reading. This week those of us who eat bread will may be celebrating Real Bread...

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Shop local – now more than ever!

Shop local – now more than ever. The rise of supermarkets during the second half of the 20th century (which has continued unabated into the 21st) has been phenomenal. The convenience of a one-stop-shop is undeniable, but at what cost? I came across this interesting article from the Sustainable Food...