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Shop local – now more than ever!

Shop local – now more than ever. The rise of supermarkets during the second half of the 20th century (which has continued unabated into the 21st) has been phenomenal. The convenience of a one-stop-shop is undeniable, but at what cost? I came across this interesting article from the Sustainable Food...

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Immune Resilience Series #25: Human Connection, Covid-19 & Black Lives. I wonder if humankind has ever felt more vulnerable, alone, disconnected, misunderstood and unhappy? All these are factors which impact powerfully on our sense of self-worth and value, and also provoke a chronic and enduring stress response which depletes and...


Appreciating life when it sucks

Appreciating life when it sucks seems perverse, right? Wrong. Research shows that the practise and experience of gratitude not only brings joy but induces a sense of relaxation, improves immune function and lowers blood pressure. And this is very good news for me at the moment. I’m usually a glass-half-full...