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World Milk Day 2020

World Milk Day – 1st June 2020. Monday 1st June is World Milk Day 2020. Established 20 years ago, World Milk Day recognises and celebrates the importance of milk as a global food, actively promoting the benefits of milk and dairy products around the world, including how dairy supports the livelihoods of...


Real Foods: Why We Need Them Back on the Table!

Real foods and why we need them back on the table is very much the subject of the new The Real Food Solution which began its life as Once Upon a Cook, Food Wisdom, Better Living and was originally published last year under that title. Now retitled as The Real Food Solution, this...

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How real food CAN save the planet

How real food can save the planet should be a major talking point… so why isn’t it? I won’t beat about the bush. The media’s manipulation of public thought and opinion used to be cunning and covert; now (even in the UK) it’s upfront and unashamedly blatant with a whole...