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Testimonial: How Nutrition & Lifestyle Coaching Helped Julie

I was recommended to Izabella for Nutrition and Lifestyle Coaching by a close friend of mine who had worked with her previously on diet and lifestyle changes. At the stage of reaching out to Izabella I was drained, exhausted and just doing a days’ work was an achievement.  So, I...


Testimonial – Charley’s Story

Charley, Six Month Reset Package: ”One thing that the programme has done – probably the best thing – is that it’s given me the tools to be able to recognise patterns in my health and behaviour and most of the time, it all links to what I eat.  But there’s a...


Corporate Testimonial – BBGR, Birmingham

”The feedback is amazing, even my manager has now signed up to the event on Friday because everyone is talking about it.  My colleague mentioned that the egg frittatas were amazing too!” [Email from Simran Bhatt, HR Advisor, following Seminar 1] About BBGR Staff BBGR is a French company and one...


Testimonial – Sue’s Story

Sue Horne, Six Month Reset Package: ‘The programme helped me to understand what my body will tolerate, what it won’t and why!   The regular Skype calls kept me on the straight and narrow; Isabel and Kirsty didn’t let me off the hook… in fact I could often hear Isabel’s voice...


Testimonial – Sara’s Story

Sara, Six Month Reset Package: ‘’The Reset Package gave me amazing support from two very dedicated knowledgeable professionals. The best part was the empathy and endless research into how to support and improve my condition, the resources and recommendations to help me recover and the intensive and continued support from Isabel and Kirsty, via email...

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