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How to lose weight naturally – my #talkhealth interview

How to lose weight naturally – my #talkhealth interview with the talkhealth Partnership. talkhealth is a team of like-minded individuals, who are keen to provide the latest health information and support that is currently available. The team’s primary aim is to make health support easily accessible to everyone, offering interactivity between...

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Socially Shared Member Spotlight Feature with Izabella Natrins

This Socially Shared Spotlight Video features Izabella Natrins. Being the founder of the health and wellness education website and a qualified nutrition and lifestyle health coach, Izabella can help women create more energy, gain more confidence and regain control over their health. She is also a Ballymaloe trained, nutritional chef,...


Conversations About Health with Nutritionist Chris Sandel

We’re so pleased to welcome Chris Sandel, an Australian nutritionist based in Kent, UK to our Conversations About Health. Chris, of works mainly online and has clients all around the world.  He not only has a great understanding of nutrition in general, but is also an expert in the psychology surrounding disordered relationships with...