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Is COVID-19 An Innocent Bystander? Oh my goodness… what a thought! With anxiety running at an all-time high right now, we feel helpless, even powerless, in the face of the Covid-19 pandemic and its seemingly unstoppable trail of human destruction.

In this excellent podcast, Dr Zach Bush explains in detail how toxins in our environment have led us to become as sick as our surroundings; how our air and land are compromising our health and jeopardising our future, and how the virus is just an “innocent bystander” taking the blame for a much, much larger problem. Buckle up and listen up!!

Dr Zach Bush

Zach Bush is an exceptional and gifted thought leader in the field of root-cause resolutions for human and ecological health. He is a triple board-certified physician in endocrinology, internal medicine and hospice care and an international educator.

His passion for education reaches across many disciplines: the role of soil and water in human genomics, immunity and human gut/brain health and the microbiome as it relates to health, disease and food systems. His extensive education has highlighted the need for a departure from chemical farming and pharmacy and for consumers, farmers and mega industries to work together for a healthy future for people and planet.

Dr Zach Bush’s ‘prescription’ for each of us is painfully simple: Get outside. Reconnect with nature. And with one another.

This kind of join-the-dots thinking is right on my page and reflects my own practice. It also reflects the joined-up thinking of the British Association for Holistic Medicine and Health Care’s Real Food Campaign UK and my book The Real Food Solution, dedicated to the work of this important campaign.

Zach promotes two empowering ideas to protect our health at this world-challenging time:

  • There is optimism going forward: there are positive steps we can take to improve our own health and the health of the planet
  • We should not blame the ‘virus’ for the deterioration of both

I’m so pleased to share with you this edition of the Weston A Price Foundation’s Wise Traditions podcast where Zach talks to Hilda Labrada Gore (aka Holistic Hilda).

The conversation includes:

  • How to ‘co-create’ with the planet and take better care of ourselves and all who inhabit it
  • Viruses are messengers that we are under environmental stress and need to adapt or repair
  • Exposure to toxins is causing respiratory distress and illness
  • Viruses are always around but will be less powerful when we deal with toxins
  • The power of gardening and connecting with nature
  • How a hug is a critical tool for healing the immune system and cultivating biodiversity
  • What makes people more vulnerable to the toxins carried by the virus?
  • Our children can’t breathe because our planet can’t breathe

Listen to the full podcast here:


Wise Tradition’s podcast sponsors Ancestral Supplementshave some pretty… erm… unusual (but extremely health!) supplements – the ingredients for which might be a little stomach-turning. Please don’t run for the hills… I’m not suggesting you try them! Although if you did, your body would thank you!

real food campaign logo

Will you sign your support The Real Food Campaign UK’s Open Statement for healthy people and planet?

As an Ambassador for The Real Food Campaign UK, I’m very proud of our recently published open statement:



We are all in this together and every part of society has a responsibility to collaborate in the recovery from Covid-19 and beyond.

The Real Food Campaign UK calls on the Government and public health agencies take urgent action to recognise and address the impact that food quality and methods of food production have on the health and the quality of life of every UK citizen and ultimately, on our planet.


The Real Food Solution front coverTHE REAL FOOD SOLUTION

Our risk for contracting communicable diseases like the Covid-19 virus increases when our immune system is weak and a weakened immune system is largely the result of a less-than-optimal diet and an unsupportive lifestyle.

Even as we are experiencing this current crisis, we are also seeing underlying epidemics of chronic diseases of every kind – diabetes, obesity, cardiovascular disease, degenerative, digestive and autoimmune disorders across the globe. These conditions too, are largely diet and lifestyle-driven and they are preventable.

We need to act now

We have robust science to show us that what we eat has never been more important for our health and, because all life is inextricably connected, for our planet. The Real Food Solution will help you to discover the power of real food as medicine for better health.. for you and for our planet.

Crises like Covid-19 are a test our humanity… let’s stop queuing up for loo rolls and start creating a strong, resilient foundation of immune health… together.

Stay safe, stay informed and get empowered, Izabella.

Order your copy today!

Zach Bush MD specialises in internal medicine, endocrinology and hospice care. His work has highlighted the need for a radical departure from chemical farming and pharmacy, providing a path for consumers, farmers and mega-industries to work together for a healthy future for people and planet.

More on Dr Zach Bush

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Dr Zac Bush: A Pandemic of Possibility (with Rich Roll)  (podcast.. well worth the watch)

Dr Zach Bush: Embracing the Connection Between Agriculture and Health with Zach Bush (podcast)


Hilda Labrada Gore (known as Holistic Hilda) is the producer and host of the Weston A Price Foundation’s Wise Traditions podcast and a Washington DC co-chapter leader for WAPF.



Izabella Natrins

After 30 years in the health space, I'm here to share and use my expertise and experience to help women to create the true health they deserve. My Femergy@40 Nutrition and Lifestyle Health Coaching and Resilient Weight-Loss programmes empower, support and inspire women who are fighting fatigue, struggling with overwhelm, weight gain, sleep, energy and niggling or multiple diagnosed health issues, to find hope and optimism, regain confidence and create much better health. My book 'The Real Food Solution' 2020 (updated from Once Upon a Cook 2019) is an evidence-based treasury of real food wisdom and a call to action to change the way you eat, create more energy, vitality and better health and support a sustainable planet ... with traditional foods. I'm a qualified real food nutrition and lifestyle health expert, holistic health coach, nutritional chef and a writer, a speaker and a partner, mum & grand-mum.

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