De-stress your health in 6 simple steps

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November International Stress Awareness Week seems to have come hot on the heels of an increasing number of ‘stress awareness’ days and months. I’m putting my hand up - I’m stressed-out! And before long it’ll be December, Christmas, New Year and…. arggh!  Will it ever stop?!

Yep, I’m stressed out – but what am I actually doing about it?

 “Stress is not a state of mind… it’s measurable and dangerous, and humans can’t seem to find their off-switch”

 – Neurobiologist Robert Sapolsky in the documentary Stress: Portrait of a Killer.

I’m not doing enough! Over the last few months my stress levels have been steadily rising…  and my body has been telling me loud and clear to ‘Do something about it NOW!”

And have I listened? No!

Even with an autoimmune condition, I’ve been ignoring the signs. I’ve been trying to power through with the peddle to the mettle, getting stuff done before I ease off – like driving a car that’s low on fuel even faster to reach the petrol station before it runs out!

Trying to outdrive stress is like driving a car that’s low on fuel even faster to reach the garage before you run out… Click To Tweet

BIG mistake. I ache: My head is aching, by body is aching, my fingers and joints are aching and my inflammatory markers must be high. as. a. kite.  Needless to say, I’m pretty cross with myself.

So… what’s the plan? I’m going to re-build my resilience and re-create health by taking my own (very good!) advice – and I invite you to join me.

femergyStep 1: Get mindful on the 5-Elements of Well-Being


Step 2: Revisit my story - Making nutrition and lifestyle changes is life-changing! It’s just too easy to take our progress and health achievements for granted. My story charts the long hard work I had to put in to recover – I need to remind myself of this journey regularly!

Step 3: Re-visit my articles on stress - I'll start here - it sounds like a work-focused article, but it’s a really good foundation and an actionable summary. - I can’t over-emphasise how our gut health impacts every aspect of our health and how much stress knocks out our gut function.  - The physiology of chronic stress promotes disease and prevents healing. Flooding our body with stress hormones which break down muscle for energy, reduce our thyroid function, slow, or shut down metabolic processes and provoke systemic inflammation… pre-disposes us to chronic illness – as I know! - Movement is medicine. Moving in nature is the best medicine – as I know!

Step 4. Pick one (achievable!) action from each of the 5 Elements and commit to it. - I’ll re-organise my daily routine to incorporate these actions – it’s what we do every day that sends our body ‘safety’ signals, allowing the rest-de-stress-digest to heal inflammation and pain.

Step 5: Find an ‘accountability-buddy’ for support and to keep on track.

Step 6: I’ll JUST DO IT!

Izabella Natrins

After 30 years in the health space, I'm here to share and use my expertise and experience to help women to create the true health they deserve. My Femergy@40 Nutrition and Lifestyle Health Coaching and Resilient Weight-Loss programmes empower, support and inspire women who are fighting fatigue, struggling with overwhelm, weight gain, sleep, energy and niggling or multiple diagnosed health issues, to find hope and optimism, regain confidence and create much better health. My book 'The Real Food Solution' 2020 (updated from Once Upon a Cook 2019) is an evidence-based treasury of real food wisdom and a call to action to change the way you eat, create more energy, vitality and better health and support a sustainable planet ... with traditional foods. I'm a qualified real food nutrition and lifestyle health expert, holistic health coach, nutritional chef and a writer, a speaker and a partner, mum & grand-mum.

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