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 Health Coaching Programmes - Join Femergy@40 Today

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resilient weight loss

A Femergy@40 Health Coaching programme isn’t about diagnosing symptoms or treating diseases. Nor is it about telling you what you should do.  It’s about working with a skilled and sensitive mentor, coach and buddy to clarify and prioritise your health goals; to help you to create and prioritise specific, realistic and actionable steps to improve your health and well-being; and to keep you motivated and accountable.

Ultimately, health coaching is about putting you in the driving seat to develop the knowledge, skills and confidence to manage your own health and well-being... so you can feel much better and get more out of your life in the prime of your life.

Don't struggle...

If you're struggling with stubborn weight gain, yo-yo dieting, hormonal or infertility problems, gut and digestive issues, stress or poor sleep; or if you want to tackle niggling health issues before they get out of hand, but don’t know where to start to feel more in control and less overwhelmed; or if you have a diagnosed, chronic, or degenerative health condition and need highly personalized and intensive supportyou can be confident that a Femergy@40 Health Coaching Programme will help you.

You're the driver...

During the coaching process, the 360º information that you provide, together with my research and analysis will inform, inspire and motivate you to become a confident co-participant in defining your health and healing journey and it will empower you to achieve much better health and to manage your own health and well-being in the long-term.  No two bodies are the same, so adopting ONE particular approach can never be the 'right' one for everybody. We will avoid the 'quick-fixes', faddy or restrictive diets and rigid nutrition, health and lifestyle dogmas because in the long term... they just don't work and they won't last.

  I’m now in the driving seat, not a silenced passenger.

A Patient, Better Conversations, Better Health Coaching

I help you steer...

As a functional practitioner, I help you to find the right approachprocess and sustainable outcomes for you. We take a deep dive into your health and well being - what concerns you, what you struggle with and what may be getting in the way of making changes for the better. Working together, we'll create a holistic, individualized and realistic programme tailored to your goals, conditions and concerns and we'll start with your priorities. You can be confident that throughout the programme, you'll be getting the practical support, strategic advice and accountability that makes the difference between wishing your life was better and gaining the knowledge, skills, tools and confidence to create a healthier and happier life.


I'm here to inform, inspire and support you to hear your body's whispers before it starts to scream; to make food and lifestyle choices for much better health; and to help you put the traditional foods that kept generations healthy back, onto your table.


As a Real Food Nutrition & Lifestyle Health Coach, I’m a catalyst: an expert, your coach and your ally! With over 30 years' experience in the health space, my role is to inform, educate and support you in a partnership, where we work together on your health goals to make the changes that matter most for you.


resilient weight lossHealth coaching programmes for resilient weight loss

Resilient weight loss is about much more than going-hell-for-leather and relying on the scales and the numbers to lose weight and get lean. Resilient weight loss is about doing it intelligently. Scales and numbers hide the dark-side of 'weight' loss and don't distinguish between losing fat and losing muscle - the largest metabolically-active organ in our body.

With gung-ho approaches, we risk losing precious muscle mass that supports a strong metabolism for fat loss and weight maintenance for the long term. And crucially, maintaining (and building muscle mass) supports every aspect of our overall health... especially as we age! More

And here's what else we risk losing...

  • the opportunity to break free of the diet treadmill... yo-yo diets, expensive detoxes and sticking-plaster gimmicks
  • the opportunity to get and keep lean naturally by creating health-for-life with optimum, metabolically-supportive nutrition
  • the opportunity to enjoy better sleep, intentional movement, a cleaner home environment by creating a metabolically-supportive lifestyle
  • the opportunity to hear and hold space for our selves in the context of our community and learn to free the ME inside with self-insight, self-care, personal and spiritual growth

That's why my unique Resilient Weight Loss Programme is a whole-body-and-mind transformation method for optimum nutrition and lifestyle with lasting weight loss.

Key features of the Resilient Weight-Loss Programme include:

  • 1:1 programme with 'co-created' and personalised action plans and resources
  • Experienced and sensitive coaching support throughout
  • Structured, leading-edge information, education and inspiration throughout
  • Supporting motivational and kick-my-butt emails to keep on keeping on
  • Group webinars to learn in a community earning together is better
  • Group Meet Ups: South Birmingham and South Warwickshire - connect with your resilient tribe
  • Private Facebook Resilient Weight Loss Community to share your questions, tips and tricks
  • Resilient weight loss... and a healthy, confident and energised 'me'.

femergy nutrition and lifestyle auditFemergy@40 Nutrition & Lifestyle Audit

This Nutrition and Lifestyle Audit is for women who have a high level of motivation and self-accountability and want to optimise their self-care going forward. You like being in the driving seat and want clarity and control over where you are now and a reliable framework and resources for getting to grips with your diet, sleep, movement, relationships, social connection and your sense of self.More

The Process: Your Femergy@40 Nutrition & Lifestyle Audit will equip you with the information and resources to tackle your health goals going forward. After our initial 30-Minute Health Consultation, you’ll complete a Nutrition & Lifestyle Questionnaire.

I then analyse and interpret your responses to create a Personalised Nutritics Analysis and Lifestyle Report which will identify:

  • your nutritional status, based on your current diet
  • nutrition and lifestyle priorities
  • a core food plan and essential nutrients, indicated by the analysis

We’ll have a 60-minute Consultation (via Skype or telephone) to feedback my analysis and interpretation, the core food plan and indicative essential nutrients.

Your Outcomes: Equipped with personalised information, you go forward with confidence to optimise your self-care.

*Coaching Extension:  Should you need a little more support, we can agree on an extension to your Nutrition & Lifestyle Audit.

femergy logo9-week 'Kick My Butt' Nutrition and Lifestyle Prescription

This is the perfect 9-week individual programme for the woman who wants to make food, health and lifestyle changes, but needs support and accountability to get clear and keep focussed on achieving her health and well-being goals. You feel like you should be healthy, but you’re just not firing on all cylinders and finding that your busy work and family life frequently overwhelms you. You’re lacking in energy and struggling with afternoon energy dips, you don’t sleep well and wake up unrefreshed.  You’re finding it difficult to shift unwanted weight or experiencing unpleasant PMT symptoms.

You don't (... yet) have diagnosed health issues and want to make changes before niggling issues get out of hand, but you don’t know where to start, or what to prioritise to feel more in control, less overwhelmed, healthier and happier. You need support and accountability to get you started and keep you motivated! More

The Process: Your 9-week Femergy@40 ‘Kick-My-Butt’ Nutrition and Lifestyle Prescription will help you to identify, prioritise and achieve your health goals over a period of nine weeks, to take your health, well-being and happiness to the next level.

After a completing a Health Goals & Lifestyle Questionnaire we’ll have a 60-minute Consultation (via Skype or telephone) to discuss your health goals, preferences and any obstacles you think might get in the way of your better level of wellness.

I then create your Femergy@40 ‘Kick-My-Butt’ Nutrition and Lifestyle Prescription which includes a plan for your food and nutritional requirements (plus menus and key recipes); structured guidance on making adjustments to your sleep, exercise and movement, home and environment, stress, self and other relationships, plus a printable ‘Kick-My-Butt’ Reflective Journal for you to track, monitor and enjoy your progress.

When you have received your Prescription, we’ll have a 45-minute Clarification Consultation (by Skype, telephone) for you to get clear on your plan and get started.

We’ll then have three bi-weekly 30-Minute Progress Calls (via Skype or telephone) to discuss your progress against your health goals and make any adjustments to your Prescription*.

Your Outcomes: You feel so much better, you’ve turned around the niggling health issues that have been worrying you and you have more energy and vitality and feel in control of your health and well-being and now have the knowledge, skills and confidence to continue to make much more of your life!

*Prescription Extension:  Should you need a little more support, we can agree on an extension to your Kick My Butt Prescription package.

I’m in my early 40s, I've got two young children, run my own business and I always felt tired... I thought it was normal to always feel tired. I also suffered with really bad PMT, but thought it was just something that I had to put up with. I went through the KMB programme and it's been amazing. I’ve now got rid of the tiredness and have lots more energy during day - and the PMT has disappeared as well... it’s kind of blown my mind a little bit!

If you have the same feelings as me, then have a chat with Izabella… I’m so pleased that I made the decision to work with her.

Clare W

The health benefits are enormous, I feel so much better – a lot more energy and feel much less tired and much less stressed. My sleep pattern is a lot better too. People are passing comment on how well I look – and I like it! I feel like I’ve got ME back!

Sue H

femergy intensive support course6-month Intensive Nutrition and Lifestyle Prescription and Support Programme

This is an intensive 6-month programme for women who are struggling with a diagnosed, chronic, or degenerative health condition and need a highly personalised nutrition and lifestyle prescription, with intensive coaching support to achieve much better health. You’re struggling with a diagnosed health issue: diabetes, or with excessive weight gain; or with a hormonal health issue like PMT, endometriosis, POCS, fibroids, infertility, menopause; or an autoimmune disorder or chronic intestinal/gut health issue. Or perhaps your depression and anxiety just won’t go away, despite your medication. Life sucks and you just want to feel better and start living it again, just like you used to.

You’re frustrated that your treatment isn’t more effective and you’ve read that making changes to your diet and lifestyle can help, but don’t feel knowledgeable enough, or confident enough to make them on your own.  You may even have been told that changing your diet and lifestyle is unlikely to help your condition, but you’re not ready to settle for a label of ‘living with______’. You know there must be something more that you can do to help yourself, but need experienced help and support to guide your journey back to wellness.  More

The Process: Every single one of us is unique. When we break, despite sharing a diagnosis, we’ll have unique and specific requirements and will need an experienced and highly personalised approach to steer a path back to health. At the very heart of building your Intensive Nutrition and Lifestyle Prescription and Support Programme is a functional, holistic approach.  This means careful analysis, responsive research, detailed guidance and intensive support to 'get behind' the concerns, issues and symptoms that you’ve been struggling with and to create a framework for your unique needs. You’ll be encouraged to seek your primary healthcare practitioner’s support The Femergy@40 Intensive Nutrition and Lifestyle Prescription and Support Programme comprises a number of key, focused elements which can be adjusted in response to your individual needs.

  • You complete a Comprehensive Health Questionnaire, a Health History Questionnaire, a Food Log and a Basal Temperature/Pulse Chart
  • I analyse, evaluate and research your responses to the above and produce your Intensive Nutrition and Lifestyle Prescription. The Prescription will comprise: comprehensive guidance on health priorities and supporting materials on your food and nutritional requirements (including any supporting supplements, menus and key recipes); guidance on lifestyle adjustments: sleep, movement; environmental toxins; stress; self and other relationships; and any key tests which may be indicated.
  • When you’ve received your Prescription and we have a 60-minute Feedback Consultation (via Skype or telephone) to guide you on how to implement it and record your progress in a Nutrition & Lifestyle Health Journal.
  • We have a 30-minute Review Consultation, after 2 weeks to check that you are clear and comfortable with your Prescription.
  • We have a 60-minute Review Consultation after 4 weeks, to review your progress and make any adjustments to your Prescription.
  • Thereafter, we have a 60-minute Review Consultation every 4 weeks for the remainder of the programme, making any adjustments to your Prescription as necessary.
  • In the meantime, I provide reasonable telephone/email support throughout this period, together with any further educative handouts and links to educative articles via email.

Your Outcomes: Life no longer sucks! With every passing month, you’re going from strength to strength and life feels better than you ever felt possible. Your symptoms have been gradually improving and some have even gone away – you feel in control of your health condition and have regained energy, optimism and your zest-for-life. You feel really positive about the future and now, with knowledge, skills and confidence under your belt, you’re ready to continue making the rest of your life, the best of your life!

*Prescription Extension: Just as it can take several years to break our health, particularly if we have multiple health issues, it can take longer than we expect to re-make it. If you find you need support over a longer period, we can agree on an extension to your Intensive Prescription package.

femergyFemergy@40 Healthcare Support Plan

This Plan supports women who are under the care of a healthcare practitioner and are receiving treatment for specific health issues. I work with your specialist provider to support you to implement specific elements of your treatment plan and to make optimum nutrition and lifestyle changes.

The nature of the Healthcare Support Plan will depend on your individual needs, however a Basic Plan comprises 4 hours analysis and coaching support, which may include nutrition and lifestyle analysis and feedback, meal plans, recipes, checklists, tools relevant to your particular condition and needs.

Experience has proved that an investment in a coaching programme brings benefits

far in excess of a series of 'one-off' consultations...

I’d wanted to go down the route of natural medicine, but not had the confidence to break from the ‘norm’.  There’s a lot more to the programme than sorting out your diet. One thing that the programme has done – probably the best thing – is that it’s given me the tools to be able to recognise patterns in my health and behaviour and most of the time, it all links to what I eat.  I’d really wanted to lose weight, but that’s no longer a priority; I want to be healthy, not thin. I want to (and do) love myself – something which I never thought I’d say!

Charley W

Not sure if a health coach would be helpful or if health coaching is right for you?

Interested in understanding more about how a Femergy@40 Health Coaching Programme will help you?

Not sure how long a programme you'd need?

Nothing is written in stone... 

This 30 minutes could absolutely change your life!

Izabella Natrins – Food | Health | Lifestyle

As a Real Food Nutrition & Lifestyle Health Expert and Coach, a qualified Nutritional Chef and an experienced health researcher, writer and speaker, I’ve learned from helping scores of others – and from the experience of my own health challenges – that real food and a supportive lifestyle is THE solution to much better health at any age.

As a partner, a mum & a grand-mum, I know ‘busy’! Around me, I see women at midlife who are tired of being tired, overwhelmed and exhausted by the responsibility their roles of career women, wage earners, partners, parents, carers, householders, knowing that they’re compromising their health to keep all the balls in the air.

But with experienced and compassionate support, we can get back into the mid-life driving seat and take control. We can develop the knowledge, the skills and the confidence to create the healthy, happy midlife that we deserve. Let’s do it.

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