I just want water in my water! NOT fluoride!

Living in the West Midlands, some of us have long known the grave health risks of the added fluoride in our tap water – and the pointlessness of it being there; it’s supposedly there to prevent tooth decay, but it doesn’t!  Those in the know, do what we can to mitigate the risks.

I’m part of an initiative called It’s YOUR LIFE! West Midlands, and at a recent natural health event, we had the pleasure of having Joy Warren from West Midlands Against Fluoride to speak to us. What entailed was a bit of a shock… as well as a very worrying chemistry lesson; several people headed straight out to buy fluoride filters!

We fully support Joy in her quest to get the ADDED fluoride out of our water, so this post I’m sharing her wisdom on the problems with added fluoride.

Fluoride is TOXIC!

You don’t believe it?  Neither did I until I started researching the topic!  What shocked me was a report from the world’s oldest and most prestigious medical journal, The Lancet, – it has officially classified fluoride as a neurotoxin, in the same category as arsenic, lead and mercury.  So we ALL need to educate ourselves on this topic.

The decision to add fluoride to the water supply is made by individual local authorities. If you’re not in the West Midlands and are not sure if your local area is fluoridated then check this list and confirm with your local water supplier.

Here is a guest post by Joy to tell you a little more….

In those we trust – and they’re letting us down

How to find out your local water quality

If you go to Severn Trent Water Quality via Google, and select “Water Quality in Your Area”, you can enter your post code in the Search box provided. Press ‘Enter’ and a short table appears which shows average concentrations of some contaminants and minerals in treated drinking water. But an even longer table exists: scroll down and click on the .pdf link below the short table.

A tab appears in the bottom-left-hand corner of the screen. Click on this to open a spreadsheet. The first page of the spreadsheet shows a mandatory list of contaminants and minerals with minimum, average and maximum concentrations analysed during 8 samplings in a 12-month period.

Fluoride is a contaminant

This article is going to discuss one of the contaminants: fluoride.  This is added deliberately to our water supply because it is believed to reduce dental decay.

In 2014, the levels of fluoride for my post-code (Mount Nod, ZWA28) were:

0.550 ppm min., 0.979 ppm av., and 1.010 ppm max during 2014.

We won’t get access to the concentration of fluoride for 2015 until June 2016. Unacceptable!

Why the variation in concentrations? My water treatment works (WTW) treats surface water – rivers and reservoirs which have variable concentrations of solids. Other WTWs treat ground water which is normally consistent as far as the content of solids is concerned.

No observable adverse effect?

The mottled teeth of fluorosis

The fluoride target in the UK is 1 ppm with 1.5 ppm being the absolute maximum (i.e. 1 mg and 1.5mg fluoride per litre of water). But even 0.5 ppm is too small a margin of safety for such a toxin. The Department of Health and its Committee on Toxicity (2003) do not regard fluoride as being a toxin of concern but even they have assigned a “No observable adverse effect level” (NOAEL) of 0.05 mg fluoride per kilo body weight per day for 6-month-old babies in order to protect the child from developing Moderate Dental Fluorosis.

Now, whereas the 6-month-old baby seems to be protected by the NOAEL, no-one really knows how much fluoride it eats and drinks. More to the point, the issue of fluoride being absorbed through the skin when having a bath is completely blanked by the Department of Health. “Skin doesn’t absorb fluoride: FULL STOP.” This is so completely counter-intuitive, it screams.

The insanity of fluoridation continues: even if the 6-month-old baby has some sort of protection (on paper) from developing Dental Fluorosis in its permanent teeth, the infant is ruled out of the equation. After all, the infant is not supposed to develop calcified Permanent Teeth in its jaws before the age of 6 months. However, we are not so different from children born in the early years of the 2nd World War and in 1941, a dental text book stated “The 1st permanent molar is the first of the permanent teeth to develop. It begins to form and calcify at birth.” AndThe permanent anterior teeth begin their formation at from 4-6 months of age in regular order from central incisor to cuspid [canine].” [1] (In 2013, we read in another textbook: “ Primary (baby) teeth start to form between the sixth and eighth week of prenatal development, and permanent teeth begin to form in the twentieth week [of gestation].”[2] ) Thus the infant is not protected by the NOAEL although it should be. Moreover, the NOAEL may not even be protective of the older 6-month-old baby, especially if it swallows its fluoridated toothpaste and enjoys long periods in its baby bath.

“Dental Fluorosis is a manifestation of systemic toxicity”. [3]

The NOAEL should have a Safety Factor of 10 applied in the case of toxins. This has not happened.

Overdosing on Fluoride

The following table illustrates how our most vulnerable members of society are not protected by the Department of Health. In every case infants are overdosing on fluoride if they’re given baby formula made up with fluoridated tap water. They’re overdosing even more if a safety factor of 10 is applied – a safety factor which is indicated because fluoride is a toxin [4].

NOEAL = 0.05 mg F/kgbw/day                     Safety Factor = 0.005 mg F/kgbw/day

1. Infant’s weight in kilograms 2. Volume in litres of formula fluoridated with 1ppm Fluoride 3. Daily dose of fluoride NOEAL 0.05 Safety Factor 0.005
2.7kg (at birth) – lower end of the scale 0.372 0.372 mg NOAEL = 2.7 x 0.05 = 0.135 0.0135
3.2 0.441 0.441 mg 0.16 0.016
3.6 (average birth weight in the UK) 0.495 0.495 mg 0.18 0.018
4.1 at 1 mth 0.564 0.564 mg 0.200 0.020
4.5 at 2 mths 0.619 0.619 mg 0.225 0.023
5.0 at 2 mths 0.688 0.688 mg 0.250 0.025
5.4 at 3 mths 0.743 0.743 mg 0.270 0.027
5.9 at 4 mths 0.812 0.812 mg 0.295 0.030
6.4 at 5 mths 0.867 0.867 mg 0.320 0.032
6.8 at 5 mths 0.936 0.936 mg 0.340 0.034
7.3 at 6 mths 0.991 0.991 mg 0.365 0.037
7.7 at 7 mths 1.060 (formula and fluoridated water/drinks) 1.060 mg 0.385 0.039
8.2 at 8 mths 1.115 (formula and fluoridated water/drinks) 1.115 mg 0.410 0.041
8.6 at 9 mths 1.183 (formula and fluoridated drinks and/or fluoridated commercial purée or boiled vegetables.) 1.183 mg 0.430 0.043
9.1 at 9 mths 1.239 (formula and fluoridated drinks and/or fluoridated commercial purée or boiled vegetables.) 1.239 mg 0.455 0.046

Using the 5 month-old baby as an example, the baby’s weight is 6.4 kg and it drinks 0.867 kg baby formula per day which contains 0.867mg fluoride.

1. Infant’s weight in kilograms 2. Volume in litres of formula fluoridated with 1ppm Fluoride 3. Daily dose of fluoride NOEAL 0.05 Safety Factor 0.005
6.4 at 5 mths 0.867 0.867 mg 6.4 x 0.05 = 0.320 0.032

The NOAEL is 0.320 mg F/day and the Safety Factor brings this down to 0.032 mg Fluoride/day.

The 5-month-old baby should only receive 0.320 mg fluoride/day or 0.032 mg if the safety factor is applied. This means that the baby is overdosing by a factor of 2.7 where only the NOAEL exists and is being overdosed by a huge factor of 27 if the Safety Factor is applied. 

This insanity has to end.  Dental Fluorosis is commonplace in the fluoridated West Midlands because the NHS is happy to recommend (NHS Choices) the use of tap water in preference to mineral water.  The Department of Health is guilty of indolence (at the very least) or at worst, criminal behaviour.


  1. Nanci, A. (2013). Ten Cate’s Oral Histology. ElsevierHealth, 2013, pages 70-94
  2. Schour, I. (April 1941). “The Development of the Human Dentition.” The Journal of the American Dental Association, p. 1153-1160.
  3. Hansard, 20 Apr 1999 : WA 158
  4. Poisons List Order 1983, List 2.

Wow! Thank you Joy, I will now always refer to you as “feisty” 🙂

Checkout the West Midlands Against Fluoride website and also the National Pure Water Association website find out how you can register your objection to Fluoride in the water!

Did you like this article? Yes? No? Comment below to tell us what you think!!

Izabella Natrins

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2 Responses

  1. Allan Railery Jones says:

    Thank you for your effort published here, especially the babies and children, agreed babies are overdosed and children can absorb fluoride in the swimming pool if tap water is used there.
    Both the US ATSDR and US EPA have indicated that dermal absorption can be at least equal to the oral dose and over time in some cases can be up to 5-6 times the oral dose.
    The application of the “optimum dose” by which NHMRC and state health conclude the only “safe and effective dose” is totally inapplicable, just think about an athlete that might drink say 4-5 litres a day they get 4-5 ppm/fluoride a day but an average adult drinks 2.4 litres a day that is 2.4 ppm/fluoride, an old man in a nursing home has 6 cups of tea a day he could get 18 ppm/fluoride from the tea!But if you add in the per kg for baby at say 5-6kg and the 72 kg average adult, the baby is near 6 times the intake per kg/day, total madness how can this be safe and effective when the health limit is around 2-4 ppm/l/day. Oh then, there is the food that adds around 4-8 ppm/day.

    • You’re most welcome Allan. I thought I was already quite well informed, but my research on the whole issue of fluoridation for an up-coming book (in relation to its impact on soil health and therefore food health) has left me pretty speechless that ANY authority tasked with a duty of care for our health could justify sanctioning this abhorrent practise. For me, swimming would be a great – but we have only fluoridated and chlorinated pools!

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