Immune Resilience Series – Connect

The articles below around the idea of connection are part of my Immune Resilience Series of posts, designed to offer advice and signpost you towards resources in building and maintaining immune resilience in the face of the Covid-19 pandemic and the myriad other issues affecting us and the planet in the modern world.

reigniting traumaImmune Support #8: Reigniting Trauma (Afsha Malik). My dear friend, Afsha Malik’s has offered a profoundly wise reflection on the global pandemic which we are all experiencing. Traumatic experiences can leave a long-term impact on our health both mentally and physically and may even leave alter our DNA in areas responsible for immune functions and memory.




Hay House Free ResourcesImmune Support #10: Hay House FREE Resources. We know stress, anxiety and lack of control immediately and profoundly impact our immune health to undermine every aspect of our health. Hay House are offering FREE podcasts, meditations, articles, and eBooks by Louise Hay, Dr Wayne W. Dyer, Suze Orman, and more.




Immune Resilience #13: Living with Worry in Uncertain Times – FREE RESOURCES. In a rapidly changing world and a climate of growing anxiety, it’s not surprising that we are worried for ourselves and those we love. It’s difficult not to over-consume anxiety-provoking media at this time and that anxiety can become overwhelming.




Immune Resilience#16: Connection in isolation. We humans are social beings, hard-wired for community and evolved to live in safe, small, connected and co-operative communities. We don’t like being disconnected, isolated and alone.




Immune Resilience #17: Negativity Bias & Immune Crash. Negative emotions bring down our immune system. Body, mind, spirit are inextricably linked… our body’s physiology reacts to our thoughts in exactly the same way as it does to real events.




Immune Resilience #20: Love, Gratitude & Immune System (Dr Joe Dispenza). This video interview with Dr Joe Dispenza with Brian Rose (LondonReal) could be THE most important resource to inspire you to focus on love, gratitude & immune system resilience to change your thoughts, your mind, your health and your life. Indeed, it could potentially change everything you thought you knew about everything!




human connection podcastImmune Resilience Series #25: Human Connection, Covid-19 & Black Lives. I wonder if humankind has ever felt more vulnerable, alone, disconnected, misunderstood and unhappy? All these are factors which impact powerfully on our sense of self-worth and value, and also provoke a chronic and enduring stress response which depletes and shuts down our immune system.