Immune Resilience Series – Eat

The articles below around the idea of eating are part of my Immune Resilience Series of posts, designed to offer advice and signpost you towards resources in building and maintaining immune resilience in the face of the Covid-19 pandemic and the myriad other issues affecting us and the planet in the modern world.

jar of wild garlic pasteImmune Resilience #1: Wild garlic or ramson. Wild garlic is a traditional harbinger of Spring and is now in season. No better time than now to get yourself outdoors and into Mother Nature’s woods, shady areas and damp places – search online for where you can find it near you.




bone broth chicken soup arthritisImmune Resilience #2: Bone broth. As more of us become aware of the fundamental impact of our gut health and integrity of our intestinal tract on our immune health, the issue is how can we improve both. Enter bone broth.





health benefits of organ meatsImmune Resilience #3: Offal (Isn’t Awful)! Please don’t run for the hills… offal is NOT awful!! Offal comprises the organ meats from functional internal organs – liver, kidneys, heart and those from tongue, oxtail and intestines. These meats were prized by our ancestors – they ate the offal and left the lean muscle meats for their animals to eat!




ANHI food plateImmune Resilience #6: Eat real food! Do you think our grannies would have recognised the packet, convenience and takeout ‘foods’ that we have come to rely on today – highly processed, calorie-rich but nutritionally empty ‘fillers’? No, indeed they wouldn’t… and our bodies don’t recognise them either!




nutrient dense foods matrixImmune Resilience #12: A Nutrient-Dense Meals Matrix. In her recent blog, Diana Rogers RD, real food dietician, author, sustainability advocate and documentary film-maker of Sacred Cow – The Case for Better Meat (to be released this year) shows us how we can use The Nutrivore Meal Matrix to make nutritious meals without a recipe.




nigella seed riceImmune Resilience #15: Nigella Seed Spiced Rice Recipe. Nigella seed (nigella sativa) black cumin or black caraway seed has been hailed as a potential superfood ‘cure-all’ – critically supporting immune health.





Dr Jeffrey BlandImmune Resilience #21: Immuno-Rejuvenation with REAL FOOD?! I’m excited to share this fascinating interview which puts a wide lens on the future of using food as preventative and interventive medicine. Can we really use food as medicine to rejuvenate our immune system?




colourful fruit and vegImmune Resilience #22: How to Buy Local and Sustainable Food. Buying local and sustainable food is one of the key messages in The Real Food Solution – why and how local, seasonable real food, cooked from scratch is a powerful medicine for people and planet. The Covid-19 pandemic is bringing home to us very graphically the underlying vulnerability of human health.




raw vs conventional milkImmune Resilience #23: Raw Milk – A Healthy Food. Today there is a growing trend to demonise dairy – particularly milk – as a problem food and replace it with a whole variety of non-dairy alternatives and manufactured milk made from oats, soya, almonds and so on. And in truth, research is demonstrating that processed dairy IS a problem.