Immune Resilience Series – Move

The articles below around the idea of movement are part of my Immune Resilience Series of posts, designed to offer advice and signpost you towards resources in building and maintaining immune resilience in the face of the Covid-19 pandemic and the myriad other issues affecting us and the planet in the modern world.

movement is medicineImmune Resilience #7: Movement is medicine! In his latest post 5 Ways that Exercise Supports Immune Function, my friend and colleague Darryl Edwards writes, "Research shows that physical activity diminishes the risk of contracting a range of upper and lower respiratory tract viral and bacterial infections." And in fact, physical activity is fundamental to every aspect of being human… we were born to move.




Vitamin D Sunshine CalendarImmune resilience #19: Vitamin D (aka Vitamin Sunshine). In light of COVID-19, health experts across the globe are advising us to pay attention to and bolster our vitamin D levels. Every single cell in our body – including our immune cells – contains receptors for vitamin D and we know that this vitamin can prevent prolonged or excessive inflammatory responses.




Lessons from the OutdoorsImmune Resilience Series #24: The Nature Solution. The Alliance for Natural Health’s new video reminds us that the solution to create immune resilience isn’t always a new technology and that Mother Nature has most of the answers – and lockdown is giving us an opportunity to find them.