Immune Resilience Series – Rest

The articles below around the idea of rest are part of my Immune Resilience Series of posts, designed to offer advice and signpost you towards resources in building and maintaining immune resilience in the face of the Covid-19 pandemic and the myriad other issues affecting us and the planet in the modern world.

relaxing by the River AvonImmune Resilience #4: De-Stress & Rest. Know that any stressor – from work, relationships, supportive lifestyles, social isolation and loneliness,  from anxiety, fear, overwhelm and depression and even from the food we eat, can severely impair and even SHUT DOWN our immune system, leaving us more susceptible not only to viral but to every kind of illness.




18 ways to self careImmune Resilience #14: 18 ways to self-care right NOW. A few weeks ago, on the International Day of Happiness, you might recall that I drew your attention to a wonderful FREE resource – Happiful MagazineThe wonderful folks at Happiful have stepped up to the plate yet again to offer us more help.




Immune Resilience #18: 7 Day Mindful Detail Visualisation. By bringing together techniques like mindfulness and visualisation we can reset our nervous system for rest and recovery, prime our brains for coping with uncertainty and change, optimise our cognitive processes and support ourselves in the journey of living our best lives.