Immune Resilience Series – Sleep

The articles below around the idea of sleep are part of my Immune Resilience Series of posts, designed to offer advice and signpost you towards resources in building and maintaining immune resilience in the face of the Covid-19 pandemic and the myriad other issues affecting us and the planet in the modern world.

sleep supports immune systemImmune Resilience # 5: Sleep. Sufficient, timely, quality sleep is absolutely critical if we want our immune system to support us. Read. That. Again. A plethora of studies have shown the importance of sleep for every single aspect of our health. And now researchers have found that a good night’s sleep can strengthen our immune system by improving its T cells function… and when sleep turns out to be critical too.




legs up the wall yogaImmune Resilience #11: Sleep & Yoga Legs Up the Wall. Poor sleep and chronic insomnia deplete our immune system in challenging and stressful times but we know that quality sleep is critical for immune health and healing.