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Immune Support #9: Adapting to COVID-19. This is an EXCELLENT video from my friends at the Alliance for Natural Health International (ANHI). Dr Rob Verkek and Meleni Aldridge, explaining some of the fundamentals of how Covid-19 virus works in the body and how we can encourage our immune system to adapt to, rather than fight against, this new virus.

Adapting to COVID-19

This post is part of the Immune Support Series – with this series, I’m making a commitment to my subscribers to post regular helpful, evidence-based information and insights around the elements of resilient health and how we can help ourselves and support each other.

Introducing the Alliance for Natural Health International

Our mission

Promoting and protecting our right to sustainable natural health around the world – by working with nature, not against it, using the tools of ‘good science’ and ‘good law’

Our vision

A world in which all individuals are able to enjoy their fundamental right and freedom to choose natural health as their overriding approach to the management or optimisation of their health and those for whom they care, consistent with the principles of rational science and the just rule of law.

There should be no negative or undue interference by governments or corporations in the ability of individuals to exercise these fundamental rights, particularly when such interference involves concealing or misrepresenting relevant information, or seeks to gain power or influence for their own benefit.

How we achieve our mission and vision

We engage in campaigns, activism, research and education across a wide range of fields relating to natural approaches to health and care, including for freedom of choice in healthcare, healthy eating & lifestyles, the interpretation and development of evidence, the effects of technology (e.g. genetic modification, electro-magnetic fields) on health and the environment, and the use of foods, herbal and other natural products in the management of our health and resilience.

We accomplish our mission through a unique application of ‘good science’ and ‘good law’.

We work with a vertical cross-section of interests in and outside the natural health sector, from citizens to doctors and other practitioners, scientists, lawyers, academics, retailers and manufacturers.


Our risk for contracting communicable diseases like the Covid-19 virus increases when our immune system is weak and a weakened immune system is largely the result of a less-than-optimal diet and an unsupportive lifestyle.

Even as we are experiencing this current crisis, we are also seeing underlying epidemics of chronic diseases of every kind – diabetes, obesity, cardiovascular disease, degenerative, digestive and autoimmune disorders across the globe. These conditions too, are largely diet and lifestyle-driven and they are preventable.

We need to act now

We have robust science to show us that what we eat has never been more important for our health and, because all life is inextricably connected, for our planet. The Real Food Solution will help you to discover the power of real food as medicine for better health.. for you and for our planet.

Crises like Covid-19 are a test our humanity… let’s stop queuing up for loo rolls and start creating a strong, resilient foundation of immune health… together.

Stay safe, stay informed and get empowered, Izabella.

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The Real Food Solution front cover


Izabella Natrins

I'm here to inspire and support women at midlife and beyond to re-ignite purpose and meaning to take back control of their health and create the radical, resilient heath they want and deserve. As a whole-health expert with over 30 years experience in the field, a qualified Health and Wellness Coach and Ballymaloe-trained nutritional chef, my real food nutrition and lifestyle medicine programmes support women fighting fatigue, struggling with overwhelm, weight gain, sleep, energy and niggling or multiple diagnosed health issues. As an advocate for real food nutrition, regenerative agriculture and whole-health, my book 'The Real Food Solution' is an evidence-based treasury wisdom for energy, vitality and better health for people and planet and a call to action to change the way we grown, source and cook our food. As the CEO at The UK Health Coaches Association, I'm proud to continue the task of leading the first professional association for Health and Wellness Coaches in the world and the gold standard for the UK and Ireland.

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