Here you can find links to the media work I have been involved with. You will find a selection of published articles, conferences attended and events staged.

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Women Reinventing Midlife

Here's my interview with the inspirational Debra Johnstone, Transformational Life, Career and Business Coach (, as part of the Women Reinventing Midlife Summit earlier this year.



UK Health Radio - Nutrition for Health, Perfect Weight and Wellbeing Show

I speak with host Dora Walsh about connecting how our food has been raised, grown, produced, prepared, distributed and cooked with our own health, and planetary health.



Functional Medicine Coaching Academy (FMCA) - Become a Functional Medicine Health Coach: Info Session UK - webinar

I was really pleased to be invited to talk to prospective FMCA students about the work we are doing at the UK Health Coaches Association and the work we are doing to promote professionalism, community and enterprise in the health and wellness space in the UK, Ireland and globally (@ 40:22)

global health coaching symposium



YourCoach 2020 Symposium: Health Coaching Worldwide

It was an honour to join the global team at YourCoach for a panel discussion.

YourCoach brought together experts from across the world to highlight the global reach that health and wellness coaches have while comparing and sharing best practices.



Positive Kids Magazine - 'Just for You - Femergy' - Issue 2 of the magazine (pages 30-32)



Positive Kids Magazine - 'Just for You - Breast Cancer' - Issue 3 of the magazine (page 32)

Positive Kids magazine



Positive Kids Magazine - 'Just for You - Being Sober' - Issue 7 of the magazine (pages 34-35)



True Loaf Magazine - Weed Killer Sandwiches - Not on MY plate! (page 10)