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'Food wisdom' books that share knowledge of the power of REAL food to create health are sadly lacking today.

Once Upon a Cook - Food Wisdom, Better Living fills this health-critical knowledge gap with page-upon-page of food wisdom that guides you to reclaim your kitchen, put real food on your plate and take back your health.




I don't think I've read such a thorough book on health and nutrition. It really does cover every aspect of food: from soil health, busting myths about meat, fats, salt and dairy, microbes of the gut , pesticides and organic farming, traditional foods and many recipies...and so much more. The genius of her writing style is that is it so clear and concise, its a quick easy reference dictionary about all things food and health. Izabella's approach is gentle yet totally persuasive and you cannot come away from this book without making hugely positive changes to your lifestyle.

Afsha Malik (Pharmacist, Founder Bloom-in-Health and Holistic Movement Coach)


Food wisdom and chronic disease

Look around - how many of us are struggling to achieve and maintain a healthy weight, or to cope with or heal from poor health, or just to increase our energy?  How many of us have been seduced by the promise of the latest ‘head-line' diet – the one to cure all ills? Should we go high fat/low fat/no fat? Or high carb/low carb/no carbs? Or maybe we should try plant-based? Or even go raw vegan?

If you're confused with being drawn into the latest eating trends, filling your fridge with all kinds of ‘super-foods’ in the hope of feeling better, and struggling to lose excess weight then stop - you need food wisdom!

Real food wisdom is the solution

Our health starts with real, whole, home-cooked foods, but fewer and fewer of us are cooking from scratch with real, whole ingredients. More and more of us are becoming sicker than ever before. We all know someone (or several someones?) with diabetes; with obesity; with a chronic, or cardiovascular disease; with a degenerative, digestive or autoimmune disorder. With cancer.

Our food is much, much more than filling fuel for our body - it's information.  Real, whole ingredients, carry health critical information that turns our genes on and off and tells our cells how and when to work. But the ultra-processed, chemically damaged, pseudo-substances that we’ve all come to call ‘food' carry misinformation which our body can't recognise and responds with inflammation that harms our body’s digestive and immune system. Garbage in, garbage out: enter chronic and autoimmune disease.

If, like thousands of others, you’re confused, anxious, suspicious and at a loss as to what to eat and what to do, then Once Upon a Cook - Food Wisdom, Better Living is for you.

Real food wisdom: Granny knew best

Within its 14 chapters, over 350 pages and 400+ references Once Upon a Cook presents evidence-based, real food wisdom, forgotten culinary skills and nutritious recipes that confirm why our Grannies' food wisdom was best. You'll discover:

  • Why regenerating our SOIL will ensure sustainable food, sustainable health and a sustainable planet
  • Why NOURISHING DEEPLY is critical for energy, vitality and health
  • Why we need EGGS and how to tell a good egg from a bad one
  • Why those old BONES are good medicine and make deliciously healing broths, stocks and soups
  • Why GRASS-FED MEAT is a treat but grain-fed isn't... and why OFFAL isn't awful
  • Why we should SEAFOOD and eat more of it!
  • Why ORGANIC FRUITS and VEGETABLES are powerful medicine
  • Why MILK, DAIRY and SATURATED FATS became demonised and why they need to be on the table
  • Why CULTURED and FERMENTED FOODS have gravitas
  • What REAL BREAD is and why we need it back on our table
  • Why we must stop fearing SALT and SUGAR
  • Why HERBS and SPICES are the physician's friend and a cook's pride
  • How to become a more informed, conscious and demanding consumer and where to source for food quality, affordably
  • Scores of tips, techniques and over 40 delicious recipes that will delight, nourish and heal!!

Who needs to read Once Upon a Cook - Food Wisdom, Better Living?

  • All parents and grandparents
  • Anyone struggling with health issues
  • Anyone worried about:
    • what’s in our food
    • how our food is produced
    • how our animals are farmed
    • how our fruit and vegetables are grown
    • our environment
    • our broken food, farming and health systems
  • Anyone worried about what to do about it all
  • In short... YOU!

This is a brilliant well written book... EVERY HOME should have one... This book is REAL easy to understand and will change the way you SHOP and eat... This is NOT a diet book but it enables you to understand what you should be eating and WHY.

Theresa Murphy

As a single 60-something woman, this book has really opened my eyes and made me completely rethink my diet. I lived on ready meals, but since reading this book I have switched to high quality meat, organic produce and now read all labels. I have found local farm shops and butchers and have a new awareness about the most basic things we eat like bread, milk and eggs. This book is a must for anyone who wants to become a more informed consumer and who wants to make better choices and learn how food cooked by our parents and grandparents was really good for us; real unprocessed food. When we understand how our body is a finely tuned machine that needs the right nutrition to keep it running at optimum health, the results can be life changing.

Anne M Thorn