Physical activity and breast cancer prevention

physical activity


Breast cancer is now one of the most common cancers worldwide and research evidence on the impact of physical activity and exercise on breast cancer is clear: regular exercise can reduce our risk of breast cancer – particularly post-menopausal breast cancer – by 20% to 80%.

Movement is medicine 

My friend Darryl Edwards, author, public speaker, creator of the Primal Play Method anda huge advocate for ‘movement-is-medicine‘ is an Ambassador for Breast Cancer UK – a charity dedicated to breast cancer prevention and risk reduction. Darryl has produced a presentation on the role of physical activity and exercise in breast cancer prevention and I’m pleased to share it with you here…

Movement is a key element in our well-being. We were born to move – moving our body is absolutely fundamental to restoring, building and maintaining our health.

So let’s heed Darryl’s advice and take on board Breast Cancer UK’s motto: ‘prevent the preventable”. Prevention is always, always better than cure.

Izabella Natrins

After 30 years in the health space, as qualified holistic nutrition and lifestyle health expert and coach, digestive health practitioner & nutritional chef and a writer, a speaker, partner, a mum & grand-mum, I'm here to use my expertise and experience to help women shine at midlife and live the rest of their lives, the BEST of their lives in much better health. My Femergy@40 Nutrition and Lifestyle Health Coaching programmes empower, support and inspire busy, midlife women who are fighting fatigue, struggling with overwhelm, weight, sleep, energy and with niggling or with multiple diagnosed health issues. My book Once Upon a Cook - Food Wisdom, Better Living will make you want to change the way you eat, reclaim your kitchen and take back your health.

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