Anytime Vanilla Maple Latte

Maple Vanilla Latte



Don’t we adore our lattes and welcome their silky, comfort at any time of day?  The way I love to make latte, it’s so much more that a comforting glug – it’s a super-charged energy drink!  If I want a morning or early afternoon ‘pick-me-up’, I use regular organic coffee.  But for a relaxing afternoon or evening drink that will help, not hinder my sleep, I reach for a good quality, organic decaffeinated coffee.

But coffee has a mixed press, some extol it’s health-protective benefits, yet others say ‘beware’.  On balance, I’m pro-coffee but I make it (regular or decaff) with a bunch of ingredients which enables my body to use it effectively.

Nutrient spotlight:

Coffee – caffeine (still in decaf) is a metabolic stimulant and it’s important to balance it with some form of ‘sugar’.  Sugar provides a source of fuel for the subsequent energy burst, otherwise the body will release stress hormones (adrenalin and cortisol). Clipper has some excellent instant options for pure convenience.

Sugar* – sugar is anti-stress, it lowers adrenalin and cortisol.  My ‘sugars’ of choice are honey, maple or date syrup, but organic regular sugar won’t hurt in the context of a nutrient-dense diet! (In fact, plain refined sugar is better for some people – unrefined sugars, like honey etc. can cause an allergic response in sensitive individuals.)

Salt – lowers adrenalin and cortisol.  I favour good quality, white sea salt like Maldon or Cornish.

Milk – is Nature’s ‘true food’ as it’s actually intended to nourish.  It’s an easily-digested protein source, a carbohydrate source for energy (you need energy to sleep) and it’s anti-stress; the rich calcium source helps night-time metabolism and regulates blood pressure. All this, and not to mention the many other minerals and vitamins crucial to our health that are present in this amazing food.

Collagen hydrolysate – is an easily digestible, gut healing, powdered gelatin with huge health benefits. In particular, it helps your liver to detox safely and provides substrate for growing and repairing your skin, hair and nails … all while you’re fast asleep! (I use Great Lakes brand)

Ghee, butter, coconut oil – are healthy, saturated fats which up the nutritional stakes, to make your latte even more sustaining.  Coconut oil is a metabolism booster which can help weight loss.

*Please stop stressing about sugar:  Glucose is the primary and preferred source of fuel for our brain and body.  Sugar is an easily digested carbohydrate from which our body makes glucose.    If it can’t get glucose from carbs, our body will break down proteins (in a processes called gluconeogenisis) to make glucose.  Despite the hype about  high fat and ketogenic diets – other than in the most exceptional circumstances – this does not make for healthy or efficient metabolism.

Food provenance

Pasture-raised meats, dairy, eggs and wild caught fish have a vastly superior nutritional profile, as do organic, or cleanly grown fruits and vegetables. Please try to source your food as well as you are able.

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Anytime Vanilla Maple Latte
This is a really delicious coffee blend which is not only nutrient-dense but totally metabolism boosting!
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great-to-share mugs!
Course Drinks
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great-to-share mugs!
  1. In a medium sized saucepan, dissolve the coffee and ghee/butter/coconut oil (if using) with the boiled water.
  2. Add the milk, collagen powder, vanilla, maple syrup and mix thoroughly.
  3. Stirring briskly, slowly heat the latte mixture until it reaches a comfortable drinking temperature, then whisk in the cream.
  4. For a frothy coffee use a stick blender and for a luxe finish sprinkle over a little (ok, a lot) of organic cocoa powder.
  5. Settle down and enjoy your super-charged, super-silky latte. And next time, invite friends round to share!
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