Mineral Broth – A Micronutrient Powerhouse
Mineral broth is a micro-nutrient powerhouse, rich in health-critical magnesium, potassium and sodium. Use it on its own, or with bone broth and stock for a nutrient-dense drink, soup, sauce, casserole. Take your pick!
  1. Scrub all the vegetables well, particularly the tops.
  2. Put all the ingredients into a large stockpot – at least 6 litres
  3. Fill the pot with filtered water, leaving a 5cm gap at the top, cover and bring to the boil.
  4. Remove the lid, reduce the heat and simmer very gently uncovered for 3 – 4 hours, or until the vegetables are soft and have fully released their flavour.
  5. Leave to cool, strain and then leave to cool completely, before refrigerating or freezing (see notes).
Recipe Notes

*Kombu is an edible kelp – a mineral-rich seaweed and adds a savoury flavour to dishes. ¬†You’ll find it in the supermarket’s Asian section, or source it on line.

Don’t salt the broth during cooking, as this will make dishes in which you use the broth too salty – it’s best to add salt as you use the broth.

The broth will keep well in the fridge for several days and 3 months in the freezer.

Avoid storing, freezing and defrosting food in plastic containers – they leach endocrine disrupting chemicals into the food.

Recipe adapted from: Magic Mineral Broth