‘The Easiest, Sexiest Salad in the World!’ Parma Ham, Fig and Buffalo Mozzarella

‘The Easiest, Sexiest Salad in the World!’ Parma Ham, Fig and Buffalo Mozzarella

the_easiest_sexiest_salad_7762 (4)“Trust me, this fig salad recipe will blow your socks off – it’s beautifully creamy, sweet and salty” Jamie Oliver

I’m sharing this Jamie Oliver recipe because not only is it a perfect flavour combination, but the Parma ham and buffalo mozzarella deliver on satiating proteins, saturated fats and calcium requirements and the figs are amazingly nutritious too: they’re high in fibre and a good source of several essential minerals: magnesium, manganese, calcium (which promotes bone density), copper, and potassium (which helps lower blood pressure), as well as vitamins K and B6… not to mention a bunch of powerful anti-oxidants!

Any and all figs are great: Italian figs are in season from June-August and Greek figs from September-November and they’re tastiest when fully ripe and about to split their skins.

(Quote and image credit: Jamie Oliver)

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Parma Ham, Fig and Mozzarella Salad
Simplicity at it's best, Jamie Oliver has called this ''the easiest, sexiest salad in the world.'' And it is! Not only does it taste utterly divine, but it's am.az.ingly nutritious too.
  1. Cut each fig criss-cross, but not quite to the bottom.
  2. Using your thumbs and forefingers, squeeze the base of the fig to expose the inside and allow your dressing to get right into the middle of the fig.
  3. Put the figs in a dish, weave around 1 slice of Parma ham, or prosciutto per fig.
  4. Throw in some slices of buffalo mozzarella and rip over some green or purple basil.
  5. Mix the extra virgin olive oil, balsamic, lemon juice, honey and some sea salt and freshly ground black pepper together in a bowl. Taste and adjust the ingredients and the seasoning when it hits your spot.
  6. If you're serving the dish straight away, drizzle everything with the dressing. If not, pack the ingredients in a portable dish and the dressing in a screw-top pot and drizzle over when ready.
  7. I'm sure something light and fizzy would pair well - enjoy!
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