Resilient Weight Loss

NEW for September 2019

Forget willpower. There's a better way to lose weight. Forever!

Willpower - like diets - doesn't work. Not only is it one of our weakest of mental forces, for most of us, willpower actually diminishes with continued use! You 've probably been ‘hooked-in’ to any number of expensive fad or gimmicky diets.

You’ve lost weight by ‘dieting’ but (as you know by now) diets that promise everything don’t help you to lose weight for good. And when we fail, do we blame the 'diet'? No, we blame ourselves for lack of 'willpower’ and get back on the treadmill with another diet that looks easier to follow.

You might be feeling like this:

"I'm so tired of dieting. I'm always trying new diets and every diet I try works for a while. I'll lose weight, but then I lose willpower and fall off the wagon. I keep on regaining the weight I've lost... and more. It's distressing, I just want to relax, to have more energy, to be happy, to feel like 'ME'.

I  want to find a long-term solution to get this weight off and keep it off."

Study after study shows us that diets don't work. And studies also show us that the key to resisting the temptation isn't willpower. So forget willpower and forget blame. There's a better way to lose weight forever. It's called building resilience.


resilient weight loss

What is resilience?

Resilience is what keeps you going when you’ve had a tough day, or are battling with the kids, or when your mood and motivation has tanked and just want to eat a bar of chocolate or a packet of crisps. We often associate resilience with emotionally bouncing back from difficult, challenging or stressful situations, but building 'holistic' resilience - mind, body and spirit - is fundamental to our health and wellbeing and there is a growing body of evidence that shows its importance in every aspect of our lives - life will never get easier but you can get stronger, more confident and take back control.

What is resilient weight loss?

Resilient weight loss is about much more than going-hell-for-leather and relying on the scales and the numbers to lose weight and get lean; resilient weight loss is about taking back control and losing weight intelligently.

Scales and numbers hide the dark-side of 'weight' loss and don't distinguish between losing fat and losing muscle - the largest metabolically-active organ in our body. With gung-ho approaches, we risk losing precious muscle mass that supports a strong metabolism for fat loss and weight maintenance for the long term. And crucially, maintaining (and building muscle mass) supports every aspect of our overall health... especially as we age!

And here's what else we risk losing...

  • the opportunity to break free of the diet treadmill... yo-yo diets, expensive detoxes and sticking-plaster gimmicks
  • the opportunity to get and keep lean naturally by creating health-for-life with optimum, metabolically-supportive nutrition
  • the opportunity to enjoy better sleep, intentional movement, a cleaner home environment by creating a metabolically-supportive lifestyle
  • the opportunity to hear and hold space for our selves in the context of our community and learn to free the ME inside with self-insight, self-care, personal and spiritual growth

That's why my unique Resilient Weight Loss Programme is a whole-body-and-mind transformation method for optimum nutrition and lifestyle with lasting weight loss. And I've made it personal. This is no out-of-the-box, one-size-fits-all programme: each element of my Resilient Weight Loss Programme is personalised to address your specific needs.


resilient weight loss

A Mindset Recalibration

Get back into the driving seat, take control, set a clear vision with ambitious goals, re-set your habits, learn strategies that re-wire your behaviour patterns. Stay motivated and self-accountable as you re-calibrate your mind-set to create a brand-new lifestyle with lasting weight loss.

An Optimal Nutrition & Menu Plan

Lose fat, not muscle with a nutrition plan and menus optimally developed to support your personal nutritional profile. This is not a 'diet', your nutrition plan will nourish your body and help up-regulate your digestion and lose fat (and inches) as you gain the confidence to create delicious meals, based on high quality, whole ingredients.

A ‘Clean’ Sleep Audit and Plan

See your energy and concentration levels soar and your weight diminish as you awake feeling rested and ready to get up-and-at-em! The quality of your sleep will make or break your efforts to lose and maintain weight - your Clean Sleep Audit and Plan sets you up for the restful and refreshing sleep that's been so elusive.

A Move-Your-Body-Plan

You'll enjoy life and live more when you move your body. Put yourself on the road to improved metabolism, less stress, more energy, improved fitness and better muscle tone and strength and much better health with your personal daily movement plan. For sure, you can't out-run a bad diet, but movement IS medicine and every cell and system in the body needs movement to maintain and repair itself. Moving daily, with intention, and a few carefully chosen strength exercises changes... everything!

A BE-ing ME Plan

Create the ME that sets you free! Uncover and clarify purpose and meaning, gain more self-insight, nose-dive stress levels, prioritise rest and create richer social connections. Feeling trapped inside a body that isn't 'me' goes to the very heart of our identity and self-esteem.

De-Stress Your Nest

Create a supportive, clean and calm home environment, free-from toxic home and hormone-disrupting personal care products and experience the health benefits.

Yes, you can create a lean, healthy and resilient 'me'.

Yes, you can enjoy life and live more.

Yes, you can join my Resilient Weight-Loss Programme and feel better for EVER. 

Key features of the new Resilient Weight-Loss Programme include:

  • 1:1 programme with 'co-created' and personalised action plans and resources
  • Experienced and sensitive coaching support throughout
  • Structured, leading-edge information, education and inspiration throughout
  • Supporting motivational and kick-my-butt emails to keep on keeping on
  • Group webinars to learn in a community earning together is better
  • Group Meet Ups: South Birmingham and South Warwickshire - connect with your resilient tribe
  • Private Facebook Resilient Weight Loss Community to share your questions, tips and tricks
  • Resilient weight loss... and a healthy, confident and energised 'me'.

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