Resilient Weight Loss & Lifestyle Group Programme

resilient weight loss

Group Weight Loss Programme - NEW for 2020!

Real Food Nutrition Resilient Weight Loss & Lifestyle Group Programme

Study after study shows us that 'diets' don't work. And studies also show us that the key to resisting the temptation isn't willpower either. So forget willpower and forget blame. There's a better way to lose weight forever. It's called building resilience.


Resilience is what keeps you going when you’ve had a tough day, or are battling with the kids, or when your mood and motivation has tanked and just want to eat a bar of chocolate or a packet of crisps.

We often associate resilience with emotionally bouncing back from difficult, challenging or stressful situations, but building 'holistic' resilience - mind, body and spirit - is fundamental to our health and wellbeing and there is a growing body of evidence that shows its importance in every aspect of our lives - life will never get easier but you can get stronger, more confident and take back control

Stop the lonely struggle

At any stage of life, but especially as we go into our prime years, our weight can become one of our biggest concerns. It can be distressing to experience our once lean and vital body’s stubborn resistance to all attempts to shed the pounds without feeling hungry, anxious and, let’s face it… disheartened, deprived and, often, all alone in the struggle of confusion of what to eat.

It doesn’t have to be like that.

Resilient weight loss is intelligent weight loss that reclaims energy, vitality and creates a whole new lifestyle.

It’s life changing. It’s for ever. And it’s better together 

Resilient weight loss is not about going-hell-for-leather and relying on scales and the numbers to lose weight and get lean. Scales and numbers hide the dark-side of 'weight' loss and don't distinguish between losing fat and losing muscle - the largest and one of the most important metabolically active organs in our body.

With gung-ho approaches, we risk losing precious, protective muscle mass that supports a strong metabolism for fat loss and weight maintenance for the long-term. Maintaining (and building up) muscle mass is critical to supporting every aspect of our overall health... and especially our bone health as we age!

And we risk losing life-changing opportunities…

  • the opportunity to break free of the diet treadmill... yo-yo diets, expensive detoxes and sticking-plaster gimmicks and enjoy real food without fear
  • the opportunity to get and keep lean naturally by creating health-for-life with optimum, metabolically supportive nutrition
  • the opportunity to enjoy better sleep, intentional movement, a cleaner home environment by creating a metabolically supportive lifestyle
  • the opportunity to hear and hold space for ourselves and for each other in the context of a like-minded, supportive community and learn to free the ME inside with self-insight, self-care, personal and spiritual growth.

That's why my unique Real Food Nutrition Resilient Weight Loss & Lifestyle Group Programme is a whole-body-and-mind transformation method for optimum nutrition and lifestyle with lasting weight loss. It’s a Health Creation Community.

During this unique Real Food Nutrition Resilient Weight-Loss & Lifestyle Group Programme you’ll:

  • Develop a personal vision for health-creation, personal action plans and receive a plethora of supporting resources – food plans, menus, cooking tips and techniques
  • Experience resilient weight loss and build a healthy, confident and energised body
  • Develop a life-changing sense of agency, confidence and optimism
  • Benefit from sensitive coaching support to make the diet and lifestyle changes that help you to create the life, health and body you want.
  • Attend group meetings: South Birmingham and South Warwickshire to connect, build community and learn with your resilient tribe
  • Be empowered with structured, leading-edge information, education and inspiration throughout
  • Attend group webinars and receive supporting motivational and‘kick-my-butt ‘emails to keep on keeping on
  • working together is better!
  • Experience peer-peer coaching to support each other, sustain motivation and celebrate success
  • Access a private Facebook Resilient Weight Loss & Health Creation Community to share your questions, suggestions, tips and tricks

 This unique programme is for you if…

  • You want to lose weight intelligently and for ever
  • You’re ready to commit to creating the health and the body you want
  • You’ve tried and failed to resolve your weight issues time and again
  • You want the support of an experienced and sensitive coach
  • You want to share your journey with a small, like-minded aspirational community
  • You’re more than ready to enjoy your food again… delicious, nutritious, real food!

I’m aiming to launch the very first Real Food Nutrition Resilient Weight Loss & Lifestyle Group Programme in early summer 2020.



Is this programme for you?