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My Credo & Approach...

I believfemale-qualitiese that energy, vitality, health and happiness is everybody’s birth-right and that health can be reclaimed at any age.

I believe our body is much wiser than we are; we must learn to hear it whisper before it starts to scream.

I believe that mind and body are one; a healthy body is host to a healthy mind.

I believe women really matter: women hold the family and the world in the palm of our hand and it’s a very heavy responsibility. Our roles as Queen, Mother, Wise Woman, Lover call on us to be deeply intuitive and intensely concerned with our young, our mate and our 'pack'.

I take a 'food-and-lifestyle-as-medicine' approach and it starts by putting a whole person at the centre of the complex and interconnected web that is a whole life.  So although for me, food is our first and our best medicine, it's absolutely by no means our only medicine!  Make no mistake, no amount of perfect-for-you, nutritious healing foods will mend a broken lifestyle and the impact of a toxic environment.

So I'll help you become much more aware of how a strong metabolism is the key to a healthy mind and body and how eating a metabolically supportive diet, restoring restful sleep, reducing stress, taking regular breaks in nature to moving your body and fostering inner and outer connectedness will create...

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My Story

isabel-1It must have started in childhood and it grew.

It grew into an expression of love and creativity.  It became a mindful meditation; a respite from busyness and overwhelm.  It was a place of peace where mind could absorb itself and just, be, present.

It grew into a passion.  A calling to leave behind all that was familiar and step into the unknown and learn the magic of a time-honoured food alchemy and understand the gold of its powerful, healing medicine.

Slowly, a purpose emerged: to inspire, to teach, to help others seek out the gold.

A passion and a purpose to uncover traditional but forgotten food, health and lifestyle wisdoms, relinquished for speed and immediacy, but now re-discovered by emerging science.

Our witness to growing material prosperity, yet declining health, unhappiness, dis-connection and intolerance, is speaking loudly.  It’s telling us we need to go back.....

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Attended an excellent workshop on Saturday about 'Fermenting Foods & Health.' Thank you Isabel, we had a wonderful smoothie this morning, and I have 'burped' my jars and ordered the raw honey! Even better, Trevor thinks the kefir tastes "Ok"...!

Yvonne Cocks

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