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Immune Resilience#16: Connection in isolation: We humans are social beings, hard-wired for community and evolved to live in safe, small, connected and co-operative communities. We don’t like being disconnected, isolated and alone. Social isolation is physically and emotionally threatening, research has found strong associations between measures of loneliness, physiological stress...

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How to break out of loneliness and into thrive

How to break out of loneliness and into thrive seems utterly impossible when we’re stuck in a cycle of lost perspective and motivation. It takes courage to do it. Loneliness is a modern-day epidemic… even when we are constantly ‘with’ people, or have a wide network of friends and family,...

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Valentine’s Day ‘Self-Love’ 5 Ways!

Valentine’s Day traditions of romancing and honouring a lover with sensual foods (like chocolates!) hearts and flowers go way back to the 18th-century.  Leaving aside the tacky media hype, I think it’s still a lovely way to recognise and be recognised by, a loved one.  For those without an ‘other half’,...