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Global Health and Wellbeing Coaching Symposium

Global Health & Wellbeing Coaching Symposium: Helping Shape Healthy and Happy Humans I was delighted to have participated in the recent Global Health and Wellbeing Coaching Symposium, organised by Your Coach, a global team committed to providing access for the 9 billion of us on the planet, by 2030, to...

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From my heart to yours on International Women’s Day

Putting cherries on her cake at mid-life is what every woman should be doing… especially on International Women’s Day. Midlife is our time to SHINE! Each and every one of us has a responsibility to take the gift of life with both hands and to make the rest of our...


Testimonial – Charley’s Story

Charley, Six Month Reset Package: ”One thing that the programme has done – probably the best thing – is that it’s given me the tools to be able to recognise patterns in my health and behaviour and most of the time, it all links to what I eat.  But there’s a...