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Spontaneous Remissions – Fact or Fiction?

Spontaneous Remissions – Fact or Fiction? The American Dictionary of Psychology describes spontaneous remission as “a reduction or disappearance of symptoms without any therapeutic intervention, which may be temporary or permanent. It most commonly refers to medical, rather than psychological, conditions”. Medical students are taught that accounts of spontaneous remissions or...



Immune Resilience #13: Living with Worry in Uncertain Times – FREE RESOURCES. In a rapidly changing world and a climate of growing anxiety, it’s not surprising that we are worried for ourselves and those we love. It’s difficult not to over-consume anxiety-provoking media at this time and that anxiety can become overwhelming....

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Six elements of holistic wellbeing

“You can’t have one, you can’t have one, you can’t have one without the other….” Holistic wellbeing and homeostasis To keep us healthy, our body constantly strives to maintain a state of internal, physiological balance – homeostasis. Holistic wellbeing is about paying attention to how key elements of our external...