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Why Women Should Track Their Vitamin D

Why Women Should Track Their Vitamin D. In the wake of reducing our risk for and recovering from COVID-19, and as we come into full summer, Vitamin D is on the tip of everyone’s tongue.  And research is giving us plenty on the pros (and the cons) of supplementing D.  But why should...

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Let’s educate BEFORE we medicate

LET’S EDUCATE BEFORE WE MEDICATE!  Building our immune resilience is the key to reducing the risk or recovering from illnesses and viruses such as the devastating Covid-19. Of course, we must protect ourselves and each other with important hygiene measures like thorough hand-washing… but we must face the fact that...



Immune Resilience #17: Negativity Bias & Immune Crash.  Negative emotions bring down our immune system. Body, mind, spirit are inextricably linked… our body’s physiology reacts to our thoughts in exactly the same way as it does to real events. The problem is that our physiology is hard-wired for ‘negativity-bias’ and...