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World Milk Day 2020

World Milk Day – 1st June 2020. Monday 1st June is World Milk Day 2020. Established 20 years ago, World Milk Day recognises and celebrates the importance of milk as a global food, actively promoting the benefits of milk and dairy products around the world, including how dairy supports the livelihoods of...

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Immune Resilience #21: Immuno-Rejuvenation with REAL FOOD?! I’m excited to share this fascinating interview which puts a wide lens on the future of using food as preventative and interventive medicine. Can we really use food as medicine to rejuvenate our immune system? Dr Jeffery Bland, known as the inspirational ‘father’ of functional and...

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💪 IMMUNE RESILIENCE #15: Nigella Seed Spiced Rice Recipe

Immune Resilience #15: Nigella Seed Spiced Rice Recipe. Nigella seed (nigella sativa) black cumin or black caraway seed has been hailed as a potential superfood ‘cure-all’ – critically supporting immune health. Dr Kara Fitzgerald ND, renowned functional medicine practitioner writes: When it comes to versatility and the power of its...