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ūüí™ IMMUNE SUPPORT #3: OFFAL (Isn’t Awful)!

  Immune Support #3: Offal (Isn’t Awful)!¬† Please don’t run for the hills… offal is NOT awful!! Offal¬†comprises the organ meats from functional internal organs – liver, kidneys, heart and those from tongue, oxtail and intestines. These meats were prized by our ancestors – they ate the offal and left...


Steak Salad with Creamy Garlic Vinagrette – A`Whole30′ Lot of Goodness!

I¬†just couldn’t deprive you of the recipe for this fabulous luxe salad, super-stacked with nutrients, from Whole 30/Paleo Newbie. Whole30¬†say: ”It’s the perfect, hearty Whole30 meal that comes together quickly and leaves you satisfied for hours.” I¬†say: ”I¬†totally agree and thanks for¬†sharing Whole30!” Bon apetit – I hope you¬†all enjoy...

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Salad of the Season? Spinach, Orange & Cucumber

This salad is one of our my favourites and it’s¬†delicious! What can I say? Oh, it’s THE salad of the season! I¬†love to pair this punchy salad with a balance of protein, fats and carbs:¬†well-seasoned, sliced cold grilled steak; smoked meats or fish; a real, proper pate; ripe raw, soft...