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What’s Wrong With Your Summer ‘Diet’.

Wanting to trim up to look good in your swimwear?  Yes of course!  Wanting to lose fat and build muscle?  Oh yes!  Gearing up for the last minute ‘Summer’ diet?  NO. NO. NO! Many, many people make this common mistake and instead of effortlessly achieving the slim and healthy body they...


Stress & Sleep are Toxic Bed Fellows (Detox? Or Not-To-Tox? Part 4)

Stress kills sleep.  Poor sleep kills health.  And who wants poor health?  Here’s why managing stress and getting restorative sleep is mission critical. This is Part 4 of the series: ‘Detox? Or Not-To-Tox? In the first three parts we talked about the tedious ritual of ‘detoxing’ and ‘cleansing’ and the longer-term restorative benefits of nutrient-dense,...


Mama’s Italian Meatball Minestrone (Paleo)

Minestrone belongs to the “cucina povera” or “poor kitchen” style of cooking.  These dishes have rustic, rural roots as opposed to the more refined “cucina nobile” cooking style of the aristocracy and nobility. The ultimate cooking-with-the-seasons dish, there’s no set recipe for minestrone soups – indeed the word minestrone has come to mean ‘that which...


Beef Stock + Beef Bone Broth. Doubly Delicious!

Stock? Broth? Confused?  Does it matter?  Actually, it does.  Both are highly nutritious and very healing in slightly different, but very important, ways. (Image credit: MindBodySpiritualAwareness.com) Meat Stock vs Bone Broth Beef stock is short cooked (6 – 10 hours) and features the anti-inflammatory, gut-healing amino acids proline and glycine and gelatin. Beef broth...


Detox? Or Not-To-Tox? Part 3: Nourish Deeply!

This is Part 3 of the series: ‘Detox? Or Not-To-Tox? In the first two parts we talked about the tedious ritual of ‘detoxing’ and ‘cleansing’ and the longer-term restorative benefits of nutrient-dense, traditional foods. Read PART 1 here: Part 1: ‘The Detox Treadmill!’ Read PART 2 here: Part 2: ‘Detox De-Bunked!’ If you...


Detox? Or Not-To-Tox? Part 2: Detox De-Bunked!

In PART 1 of this series ‘THE DETOX TREADMILL!’ I talked about how tedious it is to keep getting onto the annual ‘detox treadmill’.  Most of us have been there … did you recognise yourself, or someone you know? Year in, year out (and often twice a year) we get onto...

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