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Anytime Vanilla Maple Latte

    Don’t we adore our lattes and welcome their silky, comfort at any time of day?  The way I love to make latte, it’s so much more that a comforting glug – it’s a super-charged energy drink!  If I want a morning or early afternoon ‘pick-me-up’, I use regular organic coffee.  But for a relaxing afternoon...


Detox? Or Not-To-Tox? Part 3: Nourish Deeply!

This is Part 3 of the series: ‘Detox? Or Not-To-Tox? In the first two parts we talked about the tedious ritual of ‘detoxing’ and ‘cleansing’ and the longer-term restorative benefits of nutrient-dense, traditional foods. Read PART 1 here: Part 1: ‘The Detox Treadmill!’ Read PART 2 here: Part 2: ‘Detox De-Bunked!’ If you...


Detox? Or Not-To-Tox? Part 2: Detox De-Bunked!

In PART 1 of this series ‘THE DETOX TREADMILL!’ I talked about how tedious it is to keep getting onto the annual ‘detox treadmill’.  Most of us have been there … did you recognise yourself, or someone you know? Year in, year out (and often twice a year) we get onto...


Detox? Or Not-To-Tox? Part 1: The Detox Treadmill

Indulge … Gain weight … Feel crap … DETOX … Feel good …Indulge … Gain weight … Feel crap … DETOX … again … again … Sounds familiar? We’ve all been on the ‘detox treadmill’. How many of us are just about to jump back on again? It goes like...

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