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My whole health coaching programmes put YOU in the driving seat to develop the vision, goals, knowledge, skills and confidence to be the architect of your own health and well-being.

Whole-health and nutrition and lifestyle coaching is about you, working with me - a skilled and sensitive mentor, behaviour change expert, coach and buddy - to build your personal health vision, clarify and prioritise your health goals; and equip you to take back control to create and prioritise specific, realistic and actionable steps (and celebrate successes) that keep you motivated and self-accountable on the journey of creating health and well-being.

Working at your own pace, you’ll create a whole-health vision with purpose and meaning, a positive and optimistic mindset, build hope and confidence and take those small but significant steps that move you on from your health concerns and struggles. You'll shift deep-seated blocks and manage self-sabotage to make the radical and sustainable lifestyle changes that create the health and well-being that you want and deserve.

Our food can often be the quickest win on our journey to better health. A Femergy@40 Nutrition & Lifestyle Audit includes a copy of The Real Food Solution to support you with a comprehensive guide and invaluable 'go-to' resource for all things real food.

I received a copy of Izabella's book and have found it invaluable in helping me understand the complex connection between what we eat and our overall health and wellbeing. The book has helped me to re-examine our diet and food choices and look for better, healthier alternatives. Definitely a health go-to guide for anyone. [Jennifer]

Such a sensible, informative approach to living and eating healthily. Great recipes too which are easy to follow and very nutritious [Geraldine]

It's a big book - so much advice here that it's my new nutrition bible! [Jo]


POWER-HOUR CONSULTATION - get your health started for just £60.00


Transform a problem into a solution in a powerful ONE-HOUR consultation.

Resilient, whole health is a journey of a lifetime... not a final destination. But sometimes, when we hear our body clearly saying: "HELP. ME. NOW." we need to set a priority for action. Use this powerful ONE-HOUR consultation to work on a specific nutrition or lifestyle issue of concern.More



You'll prepare before-hand to make every minute of this consultation count and receive my undivided attention, expertise, top tips, tricks and resources to help you to transform a problem into a solution. Your hour might be a...


REAL FOOD Power-Hour


SLEEP Power-Hour

STRESS Power-Hour

REST Power-Hour






Investment: £60.0



My whole-health, personalised Femergy Health Coaching packages start with a nutrition and lifestyle health audit and a 90-minute feedback consultation. Following this, you may choose to invest in additional support appropriate to your needs.

femergy nutrition and lifestyle auditNutrition and Lifestyle Audit

This is for women who have a high level of motivation and self-accountability and want to optimise their self-care going forward. You like being in the driving seat and want clarity and control over where you are now and a reliable framework and resources for getting to grips with your diet, sleep, movement, relationships, social connection and your sense of self.More

The Process: After our initial 30-Minute Health Clarity Consultation, you’ll complete a Nutrition & Lifestyle Questionnaire, which I will analyse and interpret to produce a Femergy@40 Nutrition & Lifestyle Audit Report. The report will highlight:

  • your nutritional status, based on your current diet
  • your indicative nutrition and lifestyle priorities
  • recommendations for a core food plan, movement, sleep, rest, connection.

During our 90-minute Feedback Consultation (via Zoom or telephone) we will discuss your personal health vision, prioritise your actions going forward and agree on key resources (a Reflective Journal, example meal plans, key recipes, sourcing and shopping guide and your copy of The Real Food Solution).

Your Outcomes: Equipped with this personalised information, you go forward with confidence to optimise your self-care.

Initial investment: £285.00

femergy logo'Kick My Butt' Whole-Health Nutrition and Lifestyle Extension

This is the perfect follow-on package for women who want or need more support and help to build self-accountability keep focussed on achieving health and well-being goals.More

Maybe you feel like you should be healthy, but you’re just not firing on all cylinders and finding that your busy work and family life frequently overwhelms you. Maybe you’re lacking in energy and struggling with afternoon energy dips; don’t sleep well and wake up unrefreshed. Perhaps you’re finding it difficult to shift unwanted weight or experiencing unpleasant PMT symptoms.

Perhaps you don't (yet) have diagnosed health issues and want to make changes before niggling issues get out of hand, but you don’t know where to start, or what to prioritise to feel more in control, less overwhelmed, healthier and happier. You need support and accountability to get you started and keep you motivated!

This coaching extension package comprises up to 4 hours’ additional coaching, personalised research and the provision of supporting resources.

Additional investment: £220.00


femergy intensive support courseIntensive Nutrition and Lifestyle Extension

This is follow-on package is for women who have been struggling with a diagnosed, chronic, or degenerative health condition and need a highly personalised nutrition and lifestyle approach, with intensive coaching support to achieve much better health. You want to see your symptoms gradually improve and some even going away. You want to feel in control of your health condition with regained energy, optimism and a zest-for-life. More

You may have been struggling with a diagnosed health issue: diabetes, or with excessive weight gain; or with a hormonal health issue like PMT, endometriosis, POCS, fibroids, infertility, menopause; or an autoimmune disorder or chronic intestinal/gut health issue. Or perhaps your depression and anxiety just won’t go away, despite your medication. Life sucks and you just want to feel better and start living it again, just like you used to.

You may even have been told that changing your diet and lifestyle is unlikely to help your condition, but you’re not ready to settle for a label of ‘living with______’. You know there must be something more that you can do to help yourself but need experienced help and support to guide your journey back to wellness.

This intensive coaching extension package comprises up to 8 hours’ additional coaching, personalised research and supporting resources

Additional investment: £440.00


Femergy Healthcare Support Plan

This Plan supports women who are under the care of a healthcare practitioner and are receiving treatment for specific health issues. The nature of the Healthcare Support Plan will depend on your individual needs, I work with your specialist provider to support you to implement specific elements of your treatment plan and to make optimum nutrition and lifestyle changes.More

For example, a basic Healthcare Support Plan would comprise 4 hours of analysis and coaching support and liaison with your specialist care provider, which may include nutrition and lifestyle analysis and feedback, meal plans, recipes, checklists, tools relevant to your particular condition and needs.


These 30 minutes could absolutely change your life!

Izabella Natrins – Food | Health | Lifestyle

As a Real Food Nutrition & Lifestyle Whole Health Expert and Coach, a qualified Nutritional Chef and an experienced health researcher, writer and speaker, I’ve learned from helping scores of others – and from the experience of my own health challenges – that real food and a supportive lifestyle is THE solution to much better health at any age.

As a partner, a mum & a grand-mum, I know ‘busy’! Around me, I see women at midlife who are tired of being tired, overwhelmed and exhausted by the responsibility their roles of career women, wage earners, partners, parents, carers, householders, knowing that they’re compromising their health to keep all the balls in the air.

But with experienced and compassionate support, we can get back into the mid-life driving seat and take control. We can develop the knowledge, the skills and the confidence to create the healthy, happy midlife that we deserve. Let’s do it.

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