Whole-Health Nutrition & Lifestyle Coaching

Whole-Health Nutrition & Lifestyle Coaching: My empowering ‘whole-health’ approach puts YOU in the driving seat to develop your vision and goals, to gain knowledge and skills and to build your confidence to become the architect of your own health and well-being.

Make no mistake, creating whole-health and wellbeing starts and ends with you. But I’ll be with you on the journey!

You’ll be working with me – a skilled and sensitive mentor, lifestyle medicine and behaviour change expert, coach and ally. Together, we’ll work to develop your personal health vision, clarify and prioritise your health goals. We’ll work to equip you to take back control, create and specific, realistic and actionable steps (and celebrate successes). And we’ll work to keep you motivated and self-accountable on the journey of creating sustainable, better health and well-being.


In my Whole Health Nutrition & Lifestyle Coaching approach, we’ll work at your own pace as you build a positive and optimistic mindset, hope and confidence and take those small but significant steps that move you on from your health concerns and struggles. You’ll shift deep-seated blocks and manage self-sabotage to make the radical and sustainable lifestyle changes that create the health and well-being that you want and deserve.


1. START WITH A 30-MINUTE HEALTH CONSULTATION – get focussed and clear on your health concerns and your next steps

It’s very simple, invest £30 to get clear and focussed on your self care and health-creation journey.

Let’s talk about where you are now, where you’d like to be, and your choices for achieving better health.

These 30 minutes could absolutely change your life!

Invest: £30 to get focussed on your self-care and journey to creating better health. Refundable when you commission a Self-Care Audit.



femergy nutrition and lifestyle auditDon’t we all want to optimise our self-care going forward? We like being in the driving seat and want clarity and control over moving from where we are now to build a reliable framework and resources for getting to grips with our diet, sleep, movement, relationships, social connection and our sense of self. 

After our initial 30-Minute Health Clarity Consultation, you’ll complete a Nutrition & Lifestyle Questionnaire, which I’ll use to produce a Femergy@40 Nutrition & Lifestyle Self-Care Audit Report.




Your Femergy@40 Self-Care Audit Report will highlight areas where you:

  • can develop vision, purpose and get clear on what ‘better health’ means to you
  • may wish to review your lifestyle, habits and priorities
  • may wish to re-consider and optimise your diet and choices around food.

During our 90-minute Feedback Consultation (via Zoom or telephone) we will discuss the Report and the actions you’d like to take next. We’ll agree key resources to support you (a Reflective Journal, real food resources, key recipes, a sourcing and shopping guide and a copy of The Real Food Solution). We’ll co-create a flexible plan for you to take forward with confidence, to optimise your self-care. It’s all doable!

Invest: £285.00 to optimise your self-care and sustainable better health


Simply click to book a 30-Minute Health Consultation now! These 30 minutes could absolutely change your life!

Invest: £30 to get focussed on your self-care and journey to creating better health. Refundable when you commission a Self-Care Audit.

Izabella Natrins Consulting

Over the years, I’ve experienced and overcome my own significant health challenges. With over 30 years as a medical school health researcher, a Nutrition & Lifestyle Medicine Health Coach, Consultant, qualified Nutritional Chef, writer and speaker and helping scores of others overcome their challenges, I’ve learned that real food and a supportive lifestyle are all too often our first-call solutions to much better health… at any age.

As a partner, a life-long working mum and a grand-mum, I know ‘busy, stressed and depleted’ and how it feels to have no energy, lost vitality and to yearn for the health I used to have. Around me, I see women at midlife who are overwhelmed, exhausted and struggling by the responsibility of their roles as career woman, wage earner, partner, parent, carer, householder… knowing that they’re compromising their health to keep all the balls in the air.

Life has taught me that it doesn’t have to be this way. With experienced and compassionate support, we can get back into the driving seat and take control. When we gain the knowledge, develop the skills and build the confidence to create the healthy, happy midlife that we deserve, we will fly once more. So, let’s do it. Together.

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